Taormina Sicily: Mount Etna, Greek & Roman Amphitheatre & Hollywood

Greek Amphitheatre TaorminaTaormina Sicily. Mount Etna Volcano, Greek / Roman Amphitheatre and Hollywood Connections!

I went to Taormina on the Italian island of Sicily as one of the maiden ports of call on the MSC Preziosa maiden voyage. It is a stunning place, with both history and the glamour of Hollywood attached to it.

I went on a tour in the area which included Mount Etna, tour through the beautiful city, the Greek / Roman Amphitheatre and surrounding area. Taormina is quite something. I knew little about it before visiting, though the name did ring a bell. But I was not sure why.

It is an ancient city that lies in the shadow of the constantly smouldering Mount Etna Volcano on the island of Sicily. We had docked in Messina and it is about a 30 minute drive there through as series of tunnels. Along the way the cheerful guide told us with glee the links that the area has to Hollywood. Part of The Godfather was filmed around the area, and also many other films over decades have been made here. It also hosts a long running film awards. In the day it had a stream of famous Hollywood stars jetting in.

The town is closed to traffic and you park at the top of the town and walk your way down through a beautiful stone street through 3 squares until you get to the Greek (later Roman) Amphitheatre. This was incredible. Behind the stage is Mount Etna and the acoustics of the place are still remarkable. It used to host Greek Tragedies, after the Roman invasion Gladiator and wild animal fights and today still hosts Opera and Pop Concerts in the Summer.

I absolutely loved Taormina. It is stunning, with amazing views and the amphitheatre alone is worth going there to see. The best way to describe the town is by showing it, and so watch the 3 minute video tour I made which shows Mount Etna, the town and the amphitheatre.

For more on tours of Taormina and the region visit: BestSicilianTours.com

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Taormina Sicily

Taormina Sicily

Mount Etna Sicily

Mount Etna Sicilymina

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