Silversea Silver Whisper Hot Rocks

Silversea Cruises Silver Whisper Hot Rocks Poolside

Silversea Cruises Silver Whisper Hot Rocks Poolside

One of the innovations I found on Silversea Silver Whisper was they let us cook our own meal to our exact preference! This is at the pool side in the evenings at the “Hot Rocks” dining.

Lava rock slabs spend 14 hours in a special oven being heated to 420 degrees celsius. A slab of raw meat of your choice is seasoned and placed on the slab along with a baked potato and a skewer of roasted vegetables. It is set in front of you, sizzling and cooking. You decide when it is exactly as you want it to be, and eat it still steaming on the slab.

As the meat is cooking it spits and sizzles and so your napkin is clipped round your neck to stop ruining your smart clothes.

It was a fab event. I really loved it. I wish I had booked to go early in the cruise, so there was time to go again. My tip: book it when you get on-board and go early on. Giving you time to try it again if you love it!

Mark at Silversea Silver Whsiper Hot Rocks Poolside

Mark at Silversea Silver Whsiper Hot Rocks Poolside

Below is the final meal, including the starter of caesar salad and hot apple pie……. scrummy!!!

Silversea Silver Whisper Hot Lava Rocks Cooking

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I travelled as a guest of Silversea on the Silver Whisper on a 7 night Baltics Cruise from Stockholm, visiting Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Silversea are a privately owned, luxury all-inclusive, small ship cruise line with an Italian heritage that appeals to well-travelled, international guests.

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