Silversea Arctic Cruise Live

Silversea Silver Explorer ArcticJoin Tips For Travellers as we embark on a remarkable 10-night cruise on Silversea’s Silver Explorer from Norway to explore Svalbad in the Arctic. I depart on 22 July and will be posting live updates on the Tips For Travellers Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram every day that we have internet access. Hopefully that should be most days!

Please follow us there to keep up to date with the scenery, wildlife (which should include Polar Bears!) and bird life as we cruise through the remote and thrilling area in their luxurious explorer ship complete with strengthened hull to work through pack ice.

To get a flavour of what you should get to find more about by following the trip, watch this video of some past highlights from Svalbad area cruises:

You can also follow a past cruiser’s daily dairy on the Avid Cruiser Blog

Svalbad is very remote, as the map below, shows and takes some lengthy cruising from Northern Norway to get there

svalbard-location-map-in-europeDisclaimer: I travelled as a guest of Silversea Cruises on their 10-night Silver Explorer Arctic cruise. To find out more about the cruises and prices: click here

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