Tips for Travellers on Norwegian Cruise Line

This page shares all my Tips for Travellers Norwegian Epic reviews in the form of articles, videos and podcasts based on my travels with Norwegian Cruise Lines on their Norwegian Epic cruise ship.

Tips for Travellers on Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship

Video tour of the ship

Watch my video tour of the ship and the huge amount of choice that “Freestyle Cruising” offers in restaurants, bars, fitness, entertainment, facilities including an aqua park with three water slides and more:


Before the trip

  1. Details about my Norwegian Epic cruise, and what it promises. Norwegian Cruise Line pioneered the “freestyle cruising” concept which is a more informal approach to cruising that provides huge amount of choice in the form of dining, entertainment and accommodation. This article talks about the invite to experience it – and what to expect.
  2. Norwegian Epic water slides and aqua park. Why they promises to be my little bit of heaven at sea! I take a preview of the 3 water slides in the on board aqua park – and share past water park experiences both on land and at sea.
  3. Cruising like a Norwegian. I talk about tips for first time cruisers a lot on the blog and in my podcasts. I was impressed with the pre-cruise emails and min-sites that Norwegian sent out a few days before the cruise that gave advice and tips for first time travellers with them, as well as more general advice on how to get the most out of the ship.

During the trip

  1. Embarkation day for the Norwegian Epic. My day, first observations and the BIG surprises in what I discovered. It is not what I had expected. Find out how I need to decide what type of Norwegian I need to cruise like – and why!
  2. Photos I took on board the ship (Flickr album)
  3. Video tour and review of the balcony cabin (10229) that I stayed in with with observations and thoughts:

Advice and tips of cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line:

  1. 4 things you need to know if you are considering cruising on Norwegian Epic. And why.
  2. 11 essential tips on getting the most from cruising on Norwegian Epic
  3. Freestyle Cruising – my video tour of the ship and the cruise experience, facilities and accommodation

Listen to my thoughts and those of the Norwegian Epic Hotel Manager (Mirsad Bucuk) and Cruise Director (Jill Tasker) talking about who Norwegian Cruise Line is best suited for – and why:



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Disclaimer: I was invited by Norwegian Cruise Lines on a mini-cruise in the Mediterranean on their Norwegian Epic ship. The views expressed in the articles, videos and podcasts  are my own and based on my observations.







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  2. Our friends and my family booked NCL JADE 5/16/21 – 5/23/21 that sails out of Amsterdam. We have been in limbo since last year with no updates that specifically pertains to our upcoming sailing. Our itinerary includes Scotland, Ireland, London, Paris, Brussels and back to Amsterdam. Does the no ,more than 7 day sailing apply to cruises originating from Europe? Are these countries open to cruise ships? Have you heard of any restrictions on flights to and from Europe? Thanks for any information you can shed on this

    • The 7-night rule only applies to ships sailing in and out of USA waters, as it is a US CDC rule only. I would say it is pretty unlikely that cruises will be operating across multiple countries in Europe in May. Most of those countries you mention have not approved cruises to sail, and are unlikely to for international trips by then. UK especially. The best that may happen is some local only cruises for local travellers only. But, even that looks increasingly unlikely. I suspect were will see more clarity this month on this, as the UK-based lines will have to make more announcements soon. In terms of flights etc, at this stage some countries, like UK require travellers to go into a 10-day hotel government supervised quarantine (based on where they coming from) and 10-day self isolation for others. Same in other countries. This could be lifted by May, but I suspect not as real concerns over the new mutations spreading and vaccine roll out is slow in Europe, not in UK which is moving fast. Sorry, for long reply, but it looks really unlikely – though if things change quickly…..

  3. Good evening – I watch your youtube channel & read your blog but I have seen nothing about Regent Cruise ships. Have you taken a cruise on Regent? We are slated to go on the Regent Explorer and if you have I would like to know your take on this line. Thank you!

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