Norwegian Epic Water Slides. My idea of heaven at sea !

Norwegian Epic Slides

Norwegian Epic Slides

I am a water park and water slide geek. I have been all around the world and everywhere I go I always cast a glance around to see if there is a water park close by. I have been to them in as diverse places as Dubai, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Mauritius – and even rushed off a ship in Palma to get a taxi to a water park about 15 miles away!

Does it bother me that it me and my partner are the only “grown-ups” at every water park by ourselves? Nope! I have been even known to race small kids up the stairs to get to a ride faster.

The first time I went on a water slide at sea was on the maiden voyage of the MSC Preziosa in a chilly March. The ship claimed to have the longest water slide at sea, called “Vertigo”. It had been so cold in the run up to the cruise I had not even packed my swimming trunks as never thought about getting wet. The minute I saw the ride, I rushed to the on board shop and bought some trunks – and proceeded to ride the water slide seven times. The fact that it was rather chilly helped keep it more or less my private ride during the cruise, as there were not many other passengers brave enough to strip off in the chill.

The photo below is of me zooming through the clear section of the slide. It was taken by one of the MSC Cruises PR team and proved to be uncomfortably popular on Instagram and Facebook.  Many people  I have never met now have a slightly strange view of me – in many different ways. I think it captures my total glee and the joy I take in water slide riding.

Gary Bembridge over excited on the MSC Preziosa water slide!

So you can imagine my joy when I was invited to cruise on the Norwegian Epic cruise ship. The main part of the invitation that leap out to me was “on board there’s also an Aqua Park with its three speedy water slides (including the first bowl slide at sea)“. I knew this was a trip I just had to do. It was going to be a little bit of heaven at sea.

Take a look at what I am going to get to ride! I am going to beg, plead and cajole to see if I can video me riding them with my waterproof camera…over and over again……

Norwegian Epic Water Slide Rides

Norwegian Epic Waterslides

Norwegian Epic Waterslides

Declaration: I was invited by Norwegian Cruise Lines to travel as their guest on an mini-Mediterranean cruise.


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