Niagara Falls Video Tour. Tacky town. Amazing Falls. Maids of the Mist a must.

This article are my tips for travellers about the Niagara Falls on the USA and Canadian Border.

Niagara Falls from the Sheraton on the Falls Canada

Niagara Falls from the Sheraton on the Falls Canada

Watch my video tour of the falls and the Maids of the Mist tour that takes you right to the base of the falls. A real must do!

I flew into Buffalo International Airport from New York. The airport is in the USA and about a half hour or so drive to the border. I hired a car and headed out towards the border. Crossing the border into Canada was smooth. I just had to show my Passport. I wanted to stay on the Canadian side as had heard that the views were better of the Falls, and also wanted to stay at the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel that I had read had amazing views. (It does, and for more see my review!).

The town of Niagara Falls is a bit tacky. It has a number of hotels and a lot of cheap looking games arcades and a casino. It is not very up-market in feel. However, the kids visiting seemed to love the arcades – so I guess that means it works.

But once you turn your back to the town, the place is really quite something. All along the Falls is well maintained gardens and lawn. It is neat, tidy and lush.

The Falls are incredible. It is not as commercial as I thought it would be around the Falls themselves, as the photo and video shows. It is best to be on the Canadian side to get the best views. You see the “American” Falls, which are closest to the Rainbow Bridge that crosses from the USA to Canada, and then down to the Canadian Falls, which are the ones you most associate with the Niagara Falls. These are the horseshoe shaped falls that the postcards have. It is also the ones that various people have tired to go over in barrels and walk across on a tightrope. You can walk right up close to them.

The Maid on the Mist boat tour is a must. These boats go every 15 minutes and take 600 people per boat. It does not feel that crowded when you are on them. The process to load and off load is very efficient. You go right into the mist to the base of the falls. Really amazing. It costs about $20 per person.

I loved the Niagara Falls, and wish I had gone sooner. Though I have to admit that my most favourite falls in the world are still the Victoria Falls. on the Zambia / Zimbabwe border. This is my most favourite thing I have ever seen (so far). But loved Niagara!

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Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls Canada

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