My CN Tower Toronto Video Tour. 3rd tallest structure in the world. Amazing!

CN Tower and the Toronto Sky line

CN Tower and the Toronto Sky line

The CN Tower in Toronto is one of the most remarkable experiences on offer for any visitor to Toronto. I love it, and every time I have been to Toronto have been up it!

Watch my video tour and commentary:

It opened in 1976, and for 34 years this massive concrete tower was the world’s largest free standing structure. Standing just over 553 metres, it has only recently been surpassed by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Canton Tower in China.

6 glass sided elevators take just 58 seconds to whisk visitors up to the observation deck which is 346 metres up. Once up on the deck, visitors have incredible views right around Toronto. Above the deck, over 30 TV channels, FM radio and mobile phone signals are being broadcast from it.

In 1995, the CN Tower was declared one of the seven wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The scale and size of the tower feels even more impressive when you explore the open air observation platform which is also available one level below the main deck.

The Glass Floor, opened in 1994, causes much excitement – especially among children visiting. Only 1 in 3 visitors is brave enough to step onto the floor, even though it is supposed to be strong enough to hold a herd of hippos! The walk on the glass floor is a step too far for most!

There is, of course, a huge gift shop on the ground floor. Items of all price levels are available – including a $1,000 glass replica of the CN Tower.

Every time I visit Toronto I go up the tower. It is impressive, thrilling and I really recommend it!

Gary Bembridge

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  1. Yeah, been there, done that. Quite spectacular. Had to overcome a little vertigo in order to stand on the glass floor, but I did!;-). Strange, how the fearful minds works, cause rationally one knows that it is totally safe, of course.

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