Hotel Majestic, Barcelona, Spain (review and video)

This was actually the 2nd time I have stayed at the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona. The first was about 3 or 4 years ago on a long weekend break. This time I was here for work.

I cannot work out if I like it or not, and probably overall am indifferent and think there are much better hotels offering better value and service in the city.

On the plus side, it has a great location right in the centre of the upmarket shopping area on a very wide and attractive boulevard. In addition to shops there are many great restaurants as well as being near to attractions like a Gaudi museum. There is a small but attractive roof terrace with pool with great views (closed for renovation until about April 2008).

The rooms are very varied in size. This trip I had a large room which was very quiet as at the back of the hotel and not overlooking the main road. The air-conditioning is very quiet which is a boon as I hate air-conditioning noise and in most hotels have to switch it off at night no matter how hot or cold it gets!

The rooms feel dated and uninspired decor wise, although they are not shabby at all. The bed and pillows were very comfortable and this combined with the quiet made for a great night sleep.

There are some strange things like very limited cupboard space and no easy access to a plug for your PC (at the desk you have to reach behind the desk to try and get a plug in).
The food is ok but nothing unusual.

If I had a choice of coming back here or staying somewhere else for the price (as it is a 5 star), I would chose somewhere else.

Watch the video of room 308:

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