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The Hotel Lutetia in Paris is a hotel with a history and an association for Parisians that is not always entirely positive. The hotel can (and does) claim to have been a place where artists like Matisse and Picasso were in residence, but the hotel site and in-room information does not mention that this hotel was taken over by the Nazis during the occupation of Paris and France and was where the officers stayed.

For some Parisians I spoke to when they heard I was staying here spoke about how it is a symbol and reminder of that difficult period in French history. And so, for some, a place they avoid.

The hotel itself is a remarkable example of Art Deco building and features. The whole place reeks of the 1930s, and the decor, furniture, statutes and other features are all reflecting the period. The hallways are long and striking, as is the entrance hallways and the statutes on each floor.

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The rooms are a good size for Paris hotels these days. I really liked my room (which was about 230 euros a night) although photos make it look more old fashioned, which was one of their superior rooms. It had no view, as they look into what the site calls a “peaceful courtyard” but it is just an area that rooms and bathooms face into. It does make the room very quiet. The better rooms (deluxe and above) face out onto the street and many seem to have balconies. The beds were very comfortable, although not like the new beds at places like the Sheraton – but I had great night sleeps there. There is a good desk to work out, and like all hotels in the Concorde chain offers free wireless access.

The bathroom was large and great. It was very white with large windows making it very bright. There were 2 basins and a separate toilet room.

There are various options for breakfast in one of the restaurants. The buffet one costs 27 euros, which is a lot, but the spread on offer is huge and amazing, even with different types of milk.

The fitness room is open 24 hours a day, and is fine. Nothing amazing but some cardio machines and weight machines.

In the hotel is a beautiful very art deco lounge and bar. There is also the dramatic Art Deco Lutetia Brasserie, which has amazing food, though is very expensive.

I liked staying here and have booked to stay there again next week when I am back in Paris.

The service and staff at the hotel were all helpful and friendly.

To see all my photos of the hotel: click here
Watch the video of Room 419 that I stayed in:

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