The 5 Hidden Costs Of Cruising

Understanding the five hidden costs of cruising will help you ensure you do not blow your cruise budget away.

In this video learn about the five biggest hidden and unexpected costs you will incur on board your cruise ship that can mount up and significantly increase the cost of your vacation. Cruise industry experts say that the average cruise passenger will spend at least $500 per person on board the ship across a seven day cruise, and most much more In this video I talk about the five things you need to be prepared for, and how to minimise these – especially as it is hard to avoid spending anything on each of these.

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One thought on “The 5 Hidden Costs Of Cruising

  1. This is something very important about cruising because when we are out to cruise we set our budget but the budget broken down due to hidden charges.I have gone through this situation many times, even once I ran out of money and had nothing in my hands.But thank god, that my friend was along with me and he helped me at that time.

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