Biggest And Fastest Growing Cruise Vlogger Channels

Biggest And Fastest Growing Cruise Vlogger Channels

Biggest And Fastest Growing Cruise Vlogger Channels

I have updated the list I have of all the cruise vlog channels on YouTube, and compared with the same data a year ago. There are a wide range of channels, and many new ones that I have only come to know and discover since starting this list a year ago. Please check out the channels you have not heard of before.

Full list of 98 channels

You can see the full list of the 98 channels I am aware of. If any are missing, please email me or leave a comment on this post and they will be added in the next update at the end of June. The channels are ranked by subscribers as displayed on their YouTube page. But you can sort them alphabetically, by country, all time views (which is based on the data from SocialBlade).

These are the key things that stand out for me looking year-on-year. Please leave a comment with any that strike you.

  1. Overall there has been a very noticeable increase in subscribers and views across all the list. This presumably reflects the re-opening of travel and cruising with new content and people more eager to watch cruise content.
  2. There are now 8 channels with over 100,000 subscribers, compared to just 2 a year ago.
    1. These are Tips For Travellers (258,000), La Lido Loca (161,000), Don’s Family Vacations (154,000), Cruise With Ben & David (139,000), Royal Caribbean Blog (137,000), Emma Cruises (120,000), The Ship Life (102,000) and EECC Travels (100,000)
    2. 6 are USA based, 3 of these are UK-Based and 1 is Canada-based.
    3. The 5 fastest growing channels in terms of subscribers in the last year have been Tips For Travellers +85,000, La Lido Loca +83,100, Emma Cruises +72,000, The Ship Life +52,100 and Don’s Family Vacations +49,000
    4. There are 4 channels moving especially fast up the rankings over the last year based on subscriber growth. These are Life Well Cruised +39,470, Cruise Passion +31,400, Chris Wong Vlogs +20,300 and Griff & Alyssa +19,500

Most views in one year

The 5 channels with the most views in the last year have been Tips For Travellers (23,200,000), La Lido Loca (22,900,000), Don’s Family Vacations (16,400,00), Cruise Passion (15,000,000) and Emma Cruises (12,860,000)

This list is permanently on my blog where the latest update is listed at

NOTE: Channels about cruising exclusively are the ones on this list. For purposes of this list, if at least 45 out of the last 50 videos on the channel are cruise-related topics they are considered “cruise channels” for this list. Without this the list becomes unmanageable!

1Tips For TravellersUK286000318000
2La Lido LocaUSA176000197000
3Royal Caribbean BlogUSA160000184000
4Don's Family VacationsCanada159000165000
5Cruise With Ben & DavidUK149000163000
6Emma CruisesUK143000160000
7The ShiplifeUSA117000128000
8EECC TravelsUSA106000117000
10Harr TravelUSA8570093800
11Life Well CruisedCanada6650091300
12Schiffstester Matthias MorrGermany8240085500
13Cruise PassionItaly7030074900
14A Rich And Jazzy LifeUSA7060073300
15Chris Wong VlogsUK6350066300
16Griff & AlyssaUSA5760063800
17Cruise FeverUSA5670063800
18Travelling With BruceCanada6290062600
19Cruise RadioUSA5110056100
20Very Unofficial Travel ChannelGermany5320055000
21Jordan BauthUSA4890054100
24Talking CruiseUSA4780050500
25AK AdventuresUSA4390049000
28Popular CruisingUSA4410045100
29Cruise DailyUSA3770044700
30Sea CruisersUSA4300043300
31Sharon At Sea TravelUSA4090042700
32Cruising As CrewUK2180034600
33Cruise With AkshayIndia2990034200
34Mr TravelerUSA3300033500
35Alanna ZinganoUSA3240033000
36Visit With UsUK2890032600
37JJ CruiseUSA2510029500
38Cruise With JoshUSA2670027500
39Solent ShipsUK2530027300
40Chris FrameAustralia2480025200
41Sean & StefUSA2220023400
42Same Ship Different DayUK2150021900
43The Travel ScoutsUSA1450020600
44Jackson Clavier ProductionsUSA1850018600
45Affluent JourneysUSA1800018300
46Water WorldUSA17700
47Life With FavorUSA1700017400
48Hoffman Happy TravelsUSA1400016100
49George And DanUK15600
51Cruising With WheelsUSA1350013700
52Paul And Carole Love To TravelUK1050013400
53Island TimeUSA982013200
54Travel SpreeUSA1140012900
56Let's Go Travel TipsUSA996012200
57Scott Singer CruisesUSA1160011800
58I Like Cruise ShipsAustralia1010011200
59Huddle Adventures USAUSA846011000
60The Cruise WorldUSA845011000
61Andy and KirstieUK924010200
62Cruise MonkeysUK912010200
63Zach The Traveling ManUSA761010200
64Cruise HiveUSA9820
65Cruise CriticUSA95809700
67In The Loop TravelUSA82809470
68Addy And TerryUSA69108410
69The Weekend CruiserUSA66808410
70Cruise Ship ProfilesUK79308090
71Travel Blog JamieUK59807420
72The Cruise And Travel GuyAustralia53506860
73The Ship ShowUSA65606670
74Cruise Ship Weather ManUSA60306020
75Nautical Nurse NancyUSA58805990
76No Cruise ControlUK5425630
77MH Family AdventuresUSA5350
78Cruise HabitUSA43605270
79Doris VisitsUK4970
80Dream Blog Cruise MagazineItaly47504820
82Cruise Control With Bill PanoffUSA41904640
83Views and QueuesUSA4590
84Oakland TravelUSA40504530
85High Seas CruisingUSA34704300
86Cruise Show UKUK34604060
87The Fabjer Life28103810
88Sail Away With Dan & JayUSA23603810
89Luvy's FAT LifeUSA3700
90Cruising With MatthewUK31903450
91Cruise CapitalUK32303340
92Ocean Time Australia31803300
93Get Ship Info And MoreUSA3230
94It's Cruise DailyColombia20603140
95Matt and KellyUK29903110
96Cuse CruisersUSA2950
97Cruising PeteUK22702880
98Cruising With JTUSA25202740
99The Jacob FamilyUSA24802700
100The Beach LifeUSA2620
Curious Lens Of MartinaArgentina24002480
Suite NaturedUK11802330
Guga And RobUSA18902210
Cruise BuoysUK14602170
Innocents AbroadUSA17402150
Cruising CanucksCanada12802150
Ken Goes CruisingUK17802120
Bram Seas The DayBelgium16302090
Travel With NickUSA16601920
Travels With Lizzy LouUK15201920
Finest Travel Beat With Angela and BillUSA1680
Coast To CoastersUK14301670
Next Wave CruisingUSA1560
ARC AdventuresUSA1540
Fraser - Solo Traveller UKUK6861420
The Tyler ShowUSA12501370
Positive Vibes AdventuresUSA1350
Where's WalterUSA6671240
Journey With JoshUSA11301220
Have Luggage, Will TravelUSA1220
Cruise LifestyleUK8371200
Siegle MediaUSA1190
Bon VoyageUSA8341130
Cruise With AmberUK9711110
How We CruiseUSA7241100
Cruise AddictedUK1100
Marina and Joe Go CruisingUK730915
Travel CruisersUSA533649
Ship FacedUK509574
Plump TravelersCanada514555
Ageless CuriosityUK412530
The Vacation VoyagersUSA326512
Plenty Of Sunshine TravelCanada201493
Well Aged CruisersUSA387442
Cruise MummyUK389
Sunny TravelsUSA265304
Skro's NestUSA154271
Cruise With MattUSA228233
Cruise With GaryUK192
The Travel Life138165

Gary Bembridge

I grew up in Zimbabwe, but I have been based in London since 1987. My travel life spans more than three decades and that includes more than 95 cruises. In 2005, I launched Tips for Travellers to make it easy and fun for people to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations. And the rest, as they say, is history. I have the largest cruise vlogger channel currently on YouTube, with more than 3 million video views per month.

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15 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    What do you recommend for solo senior travel

  2. Trish Thiel says:

    I did not see Let’s Go! Travel Tips. Allison and Gordon have 6.79k subscribers. They are delightful! Check them out if you haven’t. Congratulations and best wishes on your continued success.

  3. Shawn Watson says:

    Hey Gary! I did not see The Tyler Show or Travel With Nick on the list. They are some great channels and have really blown up in the past year

    • Thanks, had not come across those two. I had added them to buy spreadsheet. In next update will likely have to only list the top 100 as getting too many! These would make that cut right now!

  4. Liz says:

    Stelbot Adventures is a newer channel that covers all kinds of travel – cruising, RV life, all inclusive, etc.

    • Thanks for this channel. Will check it out but only channels that are 90% – 100% cruise content I am putting on the list or it gets unmanageable. So channels that are about cruising only pretty much

  5. Kristy Conrad says:

    Hey, Gary – don’t forget about me! Kristy Conrad (yes, my name is the channel name) with a fabulous 66 subscribers. I primarily do shorts, though, so maybe you want to keep your list to channels with longer videos. Thank you, sir!

  6. Andy Colonna says:

    Hi Gary! Our channel is ARC Adventures! We were mainly a cruise channel but of course, like everyone, had to branch out due to the pandemic.. thanks for the great info!!

  7. Bonnie Wynkoop says:

    Hi Gary,
    I’m Bon Voyage cruise channel around for a year with almost 700 subscribers and 90,000 views. Nice to meet you! Thank you.

  8. Stephanie says:

    The Jacob Family

  9. Jeff says:

    Check out The Travel Life growing slowly with 113 subscribers!!

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