Cayman Island Tips For Travellers Podcast #262


In this episode of the podcast I visit the Cayman Islands and provide tips for travellers on the 10 must-see sights and attractions. In addition he also provides some key observations, historical highlights, best time to visit, getting there and around and general tips and advice.

Cayman islands for many is a tax haven and represents some of the perceived less salubrious sides to global trade and tax avoidance. It’s also a place full of gorgeous beaches, luxurious hotels and apartments and a major cruise hub. It’s busy, vibrant and I was more impressed with it than I thought I would be.

The episode covers the following must-see sights and attractions:

  1. Seven Mile Beach.
  2. Stingray City.
  3. Cayman Turtle Centre.
  4. Scuba Diving around shipwrecks.
  5. Hell.
  6. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.
  7. Observation Tower, located in Camana Bay.
  8. Pedro St. James.
  9. Museums: Cayman Islands National Museum and Cayman Car Museum.
  10. Duty Free Shopping.

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2 thoughts on “Cayman Island Tips For Travellers Podcast #262

  1. Starfish Point and Rumpoint are fantastic…not crowded like Seven Mile Beach. We saw several starfish. We are headed back there in 3 weeks and will be staying at Kaibo Beach. We love it because it the quiet side of the island. We fly into Georgetown and rent a car for the whole week.

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