District Six Museum Cape Town
District Six Museum – Cape Town

The forced removal of around 60000 non-white people from the area of Cape Town called District Six into the more remote and desolate Cape Flats during South African Apartheid, came to be one of the symbols of the injustices of the era. The area had been reclassified as a “white” area in 1966 despite generations, and the homes of those moved were bulldozed.

The museum was established in one of the few remaining buildings (an old place of worship) in 1994 as apartheid came to an end, both to commemorate the period but also to work to get compensation and the right to reclaim lost land by evicted residents.

The museum is a very popular place for tourists as well as visiting dignatories.

The museum consists of various documents, personal records, posters and other memorabilia from past residents. It is unexpected and colourful inside, and more of an experience and symbol than a traditional museum.

Personally, I would have liked it if they had explained the history and background a bit more as the museum assumes you know the background as for foreign tourists (and I guess the next generation who did not live through apartheid).

The museum is spread through the old hall of worship and around the balconies that run round the hall. There are then some rooms behind, and a rather tatty tea room.

The museum was not as informative as I had hoped, but it is designed to be a memorial, lobbying centre and celebration.

It is worth a visit, though brushing up on South African Apartheid history and the story is advisable to really appreciate it.

Websites and links: and the museum can be found at 25a Buitenkant Street in Cape Town centre.

District Six Museum Cape Town
District Six Museum – Cape Town

District Six Museum Cape Town
District Six Museum – Cape Town

District Six Museum Cape Town
District Six Museum – Cape Town
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