60 Thompson Hotel Soho New York: is this trendy hotel worth staying at?

Sometimes hotels that try and be trendy end up being too focused on being funky and trendy, and forget that at the end of the day people are looking for quiet, comfortable rooms, and great service.

Having stayed at some, I feared that Sixty Thompson in Soho New York would be one of the former – as they make much of their style, attitude and locations in trendy parts of town. I had also read mixed reviews, including those talking about the place being a bit shabby.

Overall, I was impressed with the hotel. I found the location was great (right within easy access of all that Soho has to offer) but in a quiet spot. I found the decor stylish, without being overly done. The staff almost without exception were friendly, genuine and chatty. 

The hotel is not cheap, but not many are in New York. I had asked for a room higher up as heard that the lower rooms can suffer from noise from the trendy bar on the lobby floor. And it was quiet and peaceful.

The room was a decent size, with decent sized bed (though not as comfy as some of the chain hotels), sofa, big TV. But no desk to be able to sit and work at. This was a miss as sure these days even people not on work also like to sit on a laptop and so on. The wireless access is expensive at $14.75, and it costs per device and so if you attaching a work laptop and maybe a personal iPad you pay twice.

The bathroom was great, and had shower and no bath. Something more common these days.

Room service was very fast and very friendly. The restaurant downstairs, which is a Thai fusion, was not that good in my view. It is very popular and although I was so-so on the food, they did amazing cocktails (especially the Classic Moijto)

There is a very small fitness room in the basement that was average. But enough stuff to have a decent workout.

The hotel was good at checking and watching activity on twitter @60_thompson and noted comments and so on through my stay. This was a nice touch too.

Overall a pleasant place to stay. Good alternative to chains…

60 Thompson Hotel Soho New York : Room 85
60 Thompson Hotel – Soho – New York: Room 85

60 Thompson Hotel Soho New York : Room 85
60 Thompson Hotel – Soho – New York: Room 85

60 Thompson Hotel Soho New York : Room 85
60 Thompson Hotel – Soho – New York: Room 85

Watch the video I made of Room 85 I stayed in:

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