Travel Tips Podcast 153: River Cruising Insider Advice and Tips

Uniworld River Beatrice River Cruise in Budapest

Uniworld River Beatrice River Cruise in Budapest

In this episode I bring you insights, observations, tips and advice from river cruise insiders through four interviews with river cruising experts who serve on board Uniworld Boutique River Cruise’s River Beatrice ship. I recorded the interviews while I was taking a seven-night cruise along the Danube that sailed through Germany, Austria and Hungary.

You will hear the thoughts of Captain Doede Smit, Ike Benedictus (Hotel Manager), Micael Furka (Executive Chef) and Mirela Varga (Cruise Manager). They cover topics that include:

  1. Navigating rivers like the Danube.
  2. Why and when river cruising is better than exploring Europe by land.
  3. Who a river cruise is best suited for and why, including if a river cruise is suitable for people with limited mobility or disabilities.
  4. Trends and changes in river cruising.
  5. What there is to do on a river cruise, and the choices of activities and entertainment available.
  6. The culinary experience on board, including what the most popular dish is!
  7. All-inclusive fares – what they really include.

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