“The Evolution of the Passenger Ship” by Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross

"The Evolution of the Passenger Ship"

“The Evolution of the Passenger Ship” by Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross

In my blog today I’m bringing you a fascinating book on “The Evolution of the Passenger Ship” by Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross.

This wonderful and beautifully illustrated book is a MUST for those interested in cruising from the bygone era to the modern day. It’s historically important and filled with fascinating information on how cruising as we know it today has evolved.

Let’s have a closer look…

“The Evolution of the Passenger Ship”

No-one knows exactly how it began. No-one knows where it will end. But the journey so far? That’s a fascinating story!

Imagine a world where, on setting off on a journey across the ocean, you couldn’t know what day, or even if, you would arrive at your destination. A time before refrigeration, when passengers shared deck and sometimes sleeping spaces with the livestock that would provide their dinner. Before mandatory lifejackets and lifeboats for all on board.

A time before entertainment directors, when passengers would be responsible for keeping themselves occupied on journeys that could often last months.

That world isn’t so far away. In this new book, The Evolution of the Passenger Ship, Chris and Rachelle explore the way ships were shaped over time and how they in turn helped to shape the world around them.

Dive into some of the most important evolutions in speed, safety, luxury, and size; and explore how ships have changed from the early days of sailing ships, through the iconic liners of the early 20th century, to the enormous cruise ships we see today.

Illustrated with captivating photographs both modern and historic, The Evolution of the Passenger Ship, provides a glimpse into the story of the passenger ship. A story that continues, despite the naysayers, thousands of years after it first began.

"The Evolution of the Passenger Ship"

About Chris Frame

You may not realise it, but ocean liners changed the way we live. From introducing new technologies, to creating reliable links between nations; from their use in both World Wars to their transition into modern day floating resorts, many things we consider normal today can be traced back to an ocean liner origin.

Since 2008 Chris has published a series of books on a variety of maritime subjects. From a history of P&O, to the evolution of the transatlantic liner and a number of topics in-between.

Chris is a regular speaker aboard cruise ships as well as maritime museums around the world. He’s also been a keynote speaker at conferences and dinners. He deeply enjoys sharing this rich history, and is always touched by how genuinely interested people are to listen and share their own stories.

Some of his career highlights include speaking at the P&O 90th Anniversary celebrations in 2023, being a guest speaker aboard Queen Victoria during the Lusitania 100th Anniversary commemorations, speaking at the Australian National Maritime Museum and Sea City Museum in Southampton, as well as being the first guest lecturer to speak aboard P&O’s Pacific Eden during her maiden voyage!

Learn More About Chris Frame

About Chris Frame: https://chrisframe.com.au/chrisframe

His blog: https://chrisframe.com.au

Podcast he co-hosts: https://thebigcruisepodcast.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@ChrisFrameOfficial

"The Evolution of the Passenger Ship"

Buy “The Evolution of the Passenger Ship”

“The Evolution of the Passenger Ship” by Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross on Amazon UK** (https://amzn.to/3QnAUdx  ) and Amazon USA** ( https://amzn.to/468fuH9)

Their other books on Amazon USA** (https://amzn.to/3Mt53qK ) and Amazon UK** (https://amzn.to/45U1a5a  )

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