Titan MS Serenade River Cruise Ship – All The Cabin Types Overview and Review

Cruising on European rivers is growing fast. There are many cruise lines and ships plying their way around the key waterways of Europe. A new option appeared for the 2017 season, which is the Titan Travel MS Serenade 1. The ship was built in 2005 and has now been exclusively chartered by the company who have renovated it to meet the needs of their core audience (UK travellers).

In this video I show you around the four different cabin types available on the ship. While there are many similarities between them, the location and price does vary. In the review I focus on the one very unique and distinctive feature that every cabin has on this ship – something that you will not find on other river cruise ships. Take a look at the video and see and find out more.

Watch my video about all MS Serenade Cabin Types


To watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Tz7nu0U14WE

For more of my videos and content about the MS Serenade 1 visit: tipsfortravellers.com/titan-serenade-river-cruise-ship/
Disclaimer: I travelled on the MS Serenade 1 as a guest of Titan Travel on a short pre-launch cruise from Cologne to Amsterdam in March 2017.


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  1. Helen Speck says:

    My partner is on Serenade 1. I’ve tried to phone him and the reception cannot put me straight through to his cabin. The line was very bad tonight and he said I was shouting at him. The man on reception said he didn’t want to speak to me. This comment has caused no end of stress for us. Please could this email be sent to Andrew Ladd on board as I want him to enjoy the last few days of his holiday and be put through to him without any aggravation I find it hard to believe this can’t be done in this day and age he has travelled to many parts of the world and this is the worst for phone calls it has beeen. Thank you Helen Speck

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