Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore: Review, Video & Photos

I stayed in this hotel as part of a 2 week business trip. The week before I had been in Seoul. The contrast with the efficient but not particularly service orientated hotel in Seoul to the Ritz Carlton was, therefore, probably accentuated even more than normal.

Saying that, while I quite liked the hotel, I have probably stayed at better hotels in Singapore. But there is no doubting that this hotel is a good hotel and is a good place to stay. It is, of course, not a cheap place to stay. The rooms, food etc is all fairly costly.

The rooms themselves are enormous and very comfortable. The room (which you can see in the video I have posted here) is massive. The bed is very large and very comfy, although other chains do have even softer pillows, there is no doubting the quality of the sheets and bedding. I liked the wooden floors that are exposed in half the room as makes the room bright and modern in feel. There is then a generous sized seating area with sofa, chair and table and a well positioned desk. Internet access is very expensive and although once logged on by cable you can then use wireless in the public areas, they tell you that you need to buy additional service in the meeting rooms. But I did find you could get a signal if you selected the right wireless network and get access under the one plan.

The bathrooms are also huge and quite something, as you can see from photos posted. The bathtub by the window is a great touch and separate shower so great. The bathroom is packed full of towels, bath robes and other bits and pieces with the hotel logo on.

You pay a premium to get on the front side of the hotel that looks over the bay and out to sea. This is a stunning view, but I did not have it. But form the elevator side you can see the view. It looks onto the stadium where they hold events like National Day. Quite stunning a view and worth getting if you can.

There are a number of restaurants including a Chinese and Japanese. Both are costly. I went to there Japanese which was excellent. There is a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner which is vast. But gets very monotonous of you are eating there lunch and dinner as we did for 5 days at the meeting!

The swimming pool is very good and has steps on both sides that run the full length of the pool which is a great touch. The gym is excellent and not that busy.

Click on link to see more photos of the hotel

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