Los Angeles Luxury Hotels – The London West Hollywood

The London West Hollywood Los Angeles Pool. Posing essential

The London West Hollywood Los Angeles Pool. Posing essential

There are many Los Angeles luxury hotels of course, though one of them that positions itself as being one of the trendy ones is The London West Hollywood. Situated just off Sunset Boulevard, it is inside a building that is fairly unremarkable but inside they have tried to make it super hip. The pool up on the roof was quite an experience as it was busy and full of a mix of beautiful people, and aspiring trendies. It certainly was not a pool for splashing about in or swimming, Most people stood in it chatting while sipping various drinks.

The hotel has a Gordon Ramsey restaurant which is the buffet breakfast room too. The buffet is not expansive but fine. It is not a cheap hotel to stay in

Personally, I found the hotel a bit too trying to hard to be hip and I felt a bit out of place rather than welcoming. Though the staff on the door, reception and so on were all friendly. Maybe it was more the guests then!

The decor and styling of the rooms actually felt dated to me, though clearly it is new and part of the design vision. The rooms are very large and I liked the two person shower. There were 2 shower heads on each side and it was fun to shower and chat. Strange maybe, but I liked it.

Watch my video tour of room 425 and my review:


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