Key West Tips For Travellers Highlights and Must-see Sights Video

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Join me as I take you on a video tour of the highlights of Key West, in the Florida Keys and Southernmost point of the United States.


A must-do stop is at the Southern Most point of the United States to join the crowds lining up to take their picture at this key landmark. Cuba is just 90 miles away from here.

There are, of course, many beaches to relax on but strolling around The Old Town by walking down Duval Street is essential. Along this street that stretches from the marker to the port are historic wooden and impressive Art Deco buildings filled with shops designed to serve the tourist market. There are also many busy bars, including the famous Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

There are many significant houses to visit, including Ernest Hemingway’s providing an insight into his life and loves.

Museum lovers can visit the Mel Fisher Maritime museum or find out about the Wreckers that became rich salvaging the many ships wrecked on the reefs around the town, art seekers can go to the Key West Art & History Museum and craft officandos explore the Key West Clinton Square Market.

An institution in Key West is the nightly gathering at Sunset to toast and celebrate the day. There are a number of bars along the beach front but the main draw is next to the cruise port in the large Mallory Square.

Ecceletic, vibrant and energetic, Key West is a unique and distinctive place at the very southern end of the United States in the Florida Keys. A real must see.

I visited it on a Titan Travel “Best of Florida” tour:



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