British Airways new TV ad says “DON’T FLY”. Find out why!

British Airways launched a bold new advertising campaign in the UK on the British Airways Facebook Page. Then on TV during the Euro 2012 game where UK plays one of the hosts (Ukraine). 

The campaign encourages people to NOT fly!

This may seem a strange thing for an airline to do, but it is a new campaign that calls for people in the UK to stay at home and support Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics. 

The stunning, and very incredibly realistic TV advert, shows people boarding a BA plane at Heathrow. It then taxis through London to the main Olympic Stadium. Once there, people disembark off the plane into the Stadium. While this happens, the song by The Clash “London Calling” plays.

The end line and call to action says: “DON’T FLY. SUPPORT TEAM GB”, with the Twitter tag #HomeAdvantage.

Personally, I love the ad and love the patriotic call to support the home team. It is true that usually the home team does better than usual at Olympic Games held in their own country. 

Watch the ad:

You can even get the plane taxi down your street in the ad!

The special effects of the plane travelling through London are amazing. But an added (and impressive bonus) if that you can personalise the ad on Facebook. On Facebook put your post code in and in the advert that runs on Facebook it shows the plane travelling down your own street! They have used Google Streetview to do this.

These are screen grabs I took from the BA Facebook App of the plane going down our street as part of the ad:
BA Plane taxis down my street during the ad by putting post code into the Facebook App!

BA Plane taxis down my street during the ad by putting post code into the Facebook App!
British Airways is the official Airline Partner for the Olympics. 
I think they have done something very clever. 
I suspect that it does the job of both rallying people towards the Olympics without the old standard footage of people running, jumping and vaulting like so many brand do. 
This is different and stands out from other official Olympics Partner Ads that are all a bit blurred into each other. It also, as a result, makes people think of BA and if they should travel I suspect BA will pop int their mind as an option!

The BA MD of Brands (Frank van der Post) has said in the media: “We”re rallying the country to get behind Team GB and ParalympicsGB to capitalise on home advantage. Whether it”s delaying your summer holiday, finding where to get behind the country with our “best sports bars abroad” guide, or cheering them on at Park Live at the Olympic Park – we are encouraging  every extra clap and cheer we can get.

Good on them! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it's a cool advert, but I'm still a bit mystified as to how it will help BA. Being slightly sardonic, if I was to fly I would say, “okay, British Airways doesn't want me to fly with them” and choose someone else?

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