25 Top UK Travel Influencers

Purple Travel 25

PurpleTravel.co.uk created a list of their favourite Travel Writers and Blogs, saying “travel bloggers provide people with something to dream about and look forward to while grinding away at their job desk. The website design, luscious write up and sheer passion about travelling is something that we all admire and as such it’s not easy to distinguish amongst our favourites. However, purely in terms of putting things in order we have decided to rate our favourite bloggers and put them into a list because let’s face it; who doesn’t love lists!”

I am listed as one of these 25, which is great news. Check out the list to see who else they recommend. Two of my Travelator Media group colleauges are also listed (Heather on Her Travels and Travel with Kat): Purple Travel’s Top 25 Travel Writers and Influencers

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