Wave Awards 2018 Favourite Cruise Blogger Finalist. Vote For Tips For Travellers!

Tips For Travellers has been announced as finalist for the World Of Cruising Wave Awards 2018 in the “Favourite Cruise Blogger” category. There are some leading and popular cruise bloggers in the category and so it would be great to get your vote to help me win this award. You can vote right now at http://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/vote/

It would be great to win this award as I have not been a finalist before and this is a prestigious thing to add to my portfolio! Thanks for supporting me.

These are the finalists in the Favourite Cruise Blogger Category:

Vote now for Tips For Travellers at http://www.worldofcruising.co.uk/vote/

To see other awards I have won or am currently up for: tipsfortravellers.com/awards

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