Virgin Voyages Extra On-Board Credit Offer. And Come Cruise With Me Too?

Virgin Voyages Scarlet LadyWant to cruise on Virgin Voyages? Want some extra on-board credit? Want to join me when I am booked to cruise? If the answer to any of those is yes, then I have something below that may be helpful!

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Virgin Voyages launch of Scarlet Lady seems to be the most anticipated new launch of 2020. It will see a completely new cruise line set sail, and a ship and experience that is promising to be a different and unique cruising vacation.

I am, like you, keen to find out if the line and ship is going to deliver the hype, and have booked and just paid my final balance to cruise on the 17 May 2020 on the trip below.

Virgin Voyages

If you want to cruise with Virgin Voyages, you can get their best rates currently and addition on-board credit by using this link to book: If you use this link and book by 14 February, you get extra on-board credit (Sailor Loot as they call it) : RockStar Suites – $400, Sea Terrace – $200 and Insider & Sea View – $100. Of course, the Virgin Voyages fares do include a lot of things already like W-Fi, gratuities, all dining options and some soft drinks.

As you look at dates to cruise, I am going to be on that Riviera Maya cruise from Miami on 17 May, and let me know if you will be too. As it would be great to meet you on board!


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