Virgin Atlantic Lounge Narita Tokyo Japan

Virgin Atlantic Lounge Tokyo Narita Airport
Virgin Atlantic Lounge Narita Tokyo Japan
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Virgin Atlantic Lounges are known for being some of the biggest, most exciting and different in the airline business. This is a review of the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport.

The first time I went to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse (lounge) at Tokyo Narita airport it was fairly new.  I seem to recall having got that in one of the airline’s mailings – but it did not register as I had not been expecting to be in Tokyo anytime soon. And here I was! And so a chance to see and explore the lounge.

The lounge is near to Gate 26 in Terminal 1 North.

I flew on Virgin for this business trip of a few days, and noted that Virgin seems to have connected with the Japanese traveler as most of the passengers were Japanese (by a large margin).

As I write this I am in the clubhouse having just had a great cup of coffee and a bacon/ sausage roll chosen from a surprisingly large menu – and served by incredibly helpful and friendly staff.

The lounge itself is fairly small. I say that as it is packed and so in reality it probably seats just the right amount of people. It is a trendy and bright design with great view onto the tarmac and parked planes. On different levels to create interest there are lots of places to sit where you don’t feel crowded out.

My favorite is the long white bar counter seating area with high stools. There are loads of power points and free internet access terminals.

There are 2 toilets (along with heated seats and usual Japanese features) – but 2 toilets and all the people seemed to mean lining up to get to go.

So only one small gripe! Overall the lounge is very nicely done.

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