Korean Air Club Business Class Seats (Photos, Review and Video)

Korean Air Club Business Class Seats

I took these photos on a flight from Tokyo Narita to Seoul Incheon airports of the Korean Air Club/ Business Class Cabin and Seats.

Overall I thought the seats were pretty good. Although they are not the “lie flat” horizontal type they do go flat but are at an angle, but the seats are wide as as they sore of slide underneath the seat in front you do not have that annoying and “closed in feeling” you get when the seat in front of you goes back and is right in your face making it also almost impossible to get out to go to the bathroom if you are in a window seat without waking up the person on the aisle and hanging on the seat in your face like on airlines like Singapore Business.

Service was good and friendly. I also have a video of the take off that shows some of the cabin and that is posted below the photos. I also have on this blog pictures of British Airways old and new Club Seats and Virgin (search the blog to find these).

Korean Air Club Class (4), originally uploaded by garybembridge.

Korean Air Club Class, originally uploaded by garybembridge.

Korean Air Club Class Seats, originally uploaded by garybembridge.

Taking off on Korean Air from Tokyo Narita Airport (with view of business class cabin)

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