MSC Cruises Tips #MedWayOfLife

Tips for Travellers on MSC Cruises #MedWayOfLife

MSC Divina loomed large against one of the reporters on the bank

MSC Divina in Port Miami

On this page you will find links to my videos, articles and audio shows about the cruise line.

Articles and Photographs: To read all the reviews and articles visit the following pages:

 Video Tours

MSC Preziosa Ship Tour:

MSC Preziosa Yacht Club Tour:

MSC Divina Ship Tour

To see video tours of cabins visit the dedicated ship pages

Audio Interviews and Podcasts

Listen to the various interviews and podcasts shows that I have made about MSC Cruises.

MSC Cruises Insider Insights and Tips. An interview with Giles Hawke (Executive Director UK, Ireland and Australia):

MSC Divina Insider Insights and Tips. Interviews with the CEO and VP Sales & Marketing of MSC Cruises USA as well as the Cruise Director:

MSC Divina Advice and Tips on getting the most out of cruising the Caribbean out of Port Miami on this ship:

MSC Preziosa Insider Advice and Tips with interviews of the Captain, Hotel Director and Head Butler:

MSC Preziosa Insider insights about designing ships and planning the traveller on board experience. An interview with Andreas Gangale

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  1. Why don`t cruise companies plan a start of cruising from Haifa, maybe to nowhere or Greece and back to Haifa. We are the most vacinated nation of the world. And why not encourage single travellers with cheap prices to reduce passenger numbers on board?

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