Medina Tunis Old Town Market Tunisia. Maze of fascinating crafts, sounds and people

Medina Old Town Market in Tunis Tunisia. Maze of fascinating crafts, sounds and people

This is a review and video tour of the most remarkable market in the Medina (Old Town) of Tunis in the North African country of Tunisia.

I made a video tour of the Tunis Medina Old Town Market as the best way to explain is to show!

I visited Tunis as one of the ports of call on the MSC Preziosa maiden voyage, where I was one of the official bloggers covering the event. This was also my first time to this North African country. I was slightly nervous after the uprising and revolution in recent times. There are still signs of some tension, but we felt very welcome and had an amazing tour into the Medina (Old Town) where we were taken on a guided tour through the maze of streets that is a fascinating market of crafts, clothes and food. It was fascinating and the sounds and sights were unlike something I had seen before. Including a stunning roof top tiled roof top garden with incredible features and view over the old town…

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Crafts in Tunis Medina Market Tunisia

Crafts in Tunis Medina Market Tunisia


Tunis Medina Market Tunisia

Tunis Medina Market Tunisia

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