Crystal Cruises Ticket Folder Review

Crystal Cruises Ticket Folder

Crystal Cruises Ticket Folder

Many cruise lines have cut costs by scrapping the practice of sending passengers pre-cruise ticket wallets. Using the guise of being environmentally aware, they now expect guests to print off their own cruise tickets, baggage labels and advice booklets. I miss getting them. I was pleased to find out that Crystal Cruises retain the practice in line with their luxury positioning.

The large folder arrived by post and contained:

  • Cruise ticket with details of stateroom, transfers, itinerary and check-in information.
  • Baggage tags, where you fill in your stateroom number.
  • Leaflet promoting the Crystal Cruises Storyteller app for your phone or tablet. This app allows you to select your cruise and then upload your photos. You can add filters, captions and start a story which you can then share on the Crystal Facebook page, your Facebook page, email or create and send a physical postcard via PostCardOnTheRun.
  • Before You Sail booklet. This provides advice and tips on preparing for your cruise, getting to the ship and life on board.
  • Unique Lifestyle Portraits promotional leaflet about how to arrange personal photographic session on board.

The large folder is big enough to store additional documents and information. It is an attractive and appealing addition to the cruise process.

Crystal Cruises Ticket Folder

Crystal Cruises Ticket Folder

Declaration: I travelled as a guest of Crystal Cruises on Crystal Serenity on the 12-night European Cachet trip.

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