Cruise Tip 91 – Luggage Restrictions

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In another episode of 60-Second Cruise Tips, Gary Bembridge, author of “The Cruise Traveler’s Handbook“, “Essential Cruise Tips” and “River Cruising Essential Tips and Tricks” shares another cruise tip. This time it is:

How much luggage can you take?

Cruise ships usually do not place limits on how much luggage you can take. However when planning what to take you should consider the following:

  • Weight Restrictions. If flying to catch your cruise you need to stay within the weight limits of the airline to avoid excess baggage charges.
  • Self-disembarking. While cruise lines will usually take your bags to and from your cabin to the port terminal at the start and end of your trip, consider if you want to self-disembark at the end of your cruise. You will have to be able to comfortably carry all of your bags through the ship, down the gangway and through the terminal. It may be some distance and involve escalators or stairs.
  • Dress codes. You may need to pack a wide range of clothes to meet the requirements of the line. Check the information sent with your tickets on what is expected. Many lines also have theme or party nights which you may want to come prepared for too.
  • Weather conditions. It is advisable to bring clothes that you can layer to cope with the cooler evenings at sea through to hot days on excursions. Check the temperatures and expected conditions in your ports of call using online weather sites or by adding them onto apps you can download for your smartphone or tablet. Prepare to bring suitable clothes, such as raincoats, umbrellas or hats.
  • Pack light as you can always stock up on the ship or in port.


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