Costly Cruise Mistakes

11 Most Costly Cruise Mistakes… And How To Avoid Them

11 Most Costly Cruise Mistakes… And How To Avoid Them Cruisers make a lot of mistakes that cost them a large amount of money, and I’ll share what they are and, more importantly, how you can avoid or mitigate against them. Watch my Costly Cruise Mistakes video Watch on YouTube: #1 Not having travel…

Embarkation Day Tips and tricks

Embarkation Day Tips and Tricks

Nine Proven Ways to make Embarkation Day Stress Free; Embarkation Day Watch-outs, Tips and Tricks What are the nine most important embarkation day watch outs, tips and tricks that you need to know? The things that will make embarkation day go smoothly, stress-free and to get the most out of the day. Watch my Embarkation…

Seabourn Encore ship tour and review

Seabourn Encore Ship Tour and Review

This is my Seabourn Encore ship tour and review. You will discover 7 Things You Need to Know About Seabourn Encore Ship. I had a great stay on my recent trip on the Seabourn Encore. Here’s the lowdown on seven things you need to know, should you want to book your next cruise with them.…

Seabourn Cruises Tips

Seabourn Cruises Tips: 4 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising

Seabourn Cruises Tips: 4 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising. If you’re thinking of booking with Seabourn Cruises, here’s all you need to know before you cruise with them Watch the video: Watch on YouTube: Who are Seabourn Cruises? Seabourn an ultra-luxury cruise line founded in 1986, who are part of the huge Carnival…

Seabourn Encore Cruise Ship

My Seabourn Encore Mediterranean Cruise Moments

Experience the events, experiences and activities on my Seabourn Encore Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona to Rome through the tweets I made during the trip: Seabourn Encore Mediterranean Cruise 2019 Note: I travelled as a guest of Seabourn Cruises on Seabourn Encore on a 7-night cruise from Barcelona to Rome

Cruise Drinks Packages

Should You Buy A Drinks Package On A Cruise?

Should you buy a Cruise Drinks Package? You’re about to discover eight reasons to consider before you buy a cruise drinks package on your cruise. Drinks packages have become a huge thing and I’m going to take a look at eight reasons why you should think carefully before you buy drinks packages. Watch my video…