AmaWaterways AmaSonata River Cruise Ship Review and Tour

My AmaWaterways AmaSonta River Cruise Ship Tour and Review

You’re going to discover and see everything you need to know about AmaWaterways AmaSonata river cruise ship.

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AmaWaterways ships are amongst the highest rated like the Berlitz Guide to River Cruising ranks 10 of the AmaWaterways ships as their top 10 ships. Let’s take a look at the AmaSonata and find out why they’re so highly rated.

The ship was built in 2014 holds 164 guests and has roughly one crew member for every three passengers and has a lot of space per passenger. It is one of the best on the rivers.

Let’s take a look at, first of all, what facilities there are and then what the cabins are like.

On the top deck is a Sun Deck, and you have a big open area, you have a walking track and one of the really important features is the swimming pool. It’s a heated swimming pool so even in the depths of winter if you’re on board you could actually swim.

The next level down is the Violin deck. In the front of the ship you have an open area where you, in good weather, can sit outside and eat or relax. Then, very importantly, you have the large lounge with an observation area up front, where you get great views.

The lounge is very important because you have the bar in here, it’s where you meet in evenings for the Sip and Sail complimentary cocktail hour, it’s also where they serve light bites at breakfast and lunch. It’s also where they have afternoon tea, so it’s a very important place and it’s the main meeting spot on board. It’s also where you have things like port briefings.

Just behind that you have a little gift shop which has a wide range of souvenirs depending on the region, jewellery etc. You then have the reception desk and area where you have the Cruise Manager and Hotel Director desks.

You then have some cabins and at the rear you have a couple of really important things like the Chef’s Table, which is the speciality dining restaurant. The chef’s Table is included within the fare and all you do is book to go to it. There’s also the fitness room here, which is again complimentary, and you have the hairdresser and a massage room.

The deck below that is known as the Cello deck, and here you have the main dining room. This is where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast being a buffet, lunch being a buffet and dinner being a multi-course sit down menu. It’s a great venue and I really like the dining room because there’s lots of booth type tables, big tables and smaller tables and a real nice mix of configurations there.

Below that you have the Piano deck, which is where you have more cabins.

In terms of cabins, you do have some suites, but the bulk of cabins onboard are the twin balcony cabins. These are very unique to AmaWaterways and they created them because they know a lot of people like to have a balcony, even if they don’t use it very much.

Being able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air as you sail along and look at the sights is what people want, but what they realised is if they have a balcony across the whole of the cabin it reduces the size of the cabin. So, they created one area where you have a French balcony, so you have more space, and then the balcony.

I really like the cabins on board and I found them very comfortable, probably one of the nicest cabins on any river cruise ship that I’ve been on. The quality of the bedding was really good, the bathroom itself was fantastic. It’s a marble bathroom with great shower and great water pressure, very hot water, nice premium toiletries. A really nice cabin.

The bulk of the cabins are this style and they’re on the Violin deck and the Cello deck. On the Piano deck you have, because they are partly below the water level, cabins which just have windows higher up. I would really recommend if you possibly can to get one of the twin balcony cabins because that’s the best way of experiencing the rivers that you cruise along because you get beautiful scenery all the time and be able to look out or step on the balcony is a really big plus.

AmaWaterways AmaSonata is a very beautiful ship and it is very typical of other AmaWaterways ships, so if you see other AmaWaterways ships you’ll see that they look very similar to this and many of them are very similar inside.

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Note: I travelled as a guest of AmaWaterways on a seven-night Danube river cruise on the AmaSonata. To see more content about my trip visit and visit the official AmaWaterways website and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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