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TBEX Toronto and Dublin 2013

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Write Your Blog Positioning Statement. Mainstream brands use brand positioning statements to help them develop better and more distinctive brands. I believe that bloggers should also. My session will covers in more depth the importance of having a positioning statement for your blog. How it will help you to be a better and more successful travel blogger by knowing what your unique offer is, what makes you different, who your competitive set is & who you really are writing for. It should help you have a better blog, better content and pitch better to travel partners.

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  1. Gary, thanks so much for this information! As a P&G alum, I really appreciate this because you speak my language. I was an engineer, not a marketing person, but you can’t work at P&G without learning a few things about marketing. I’ve been getting frustrated lately seeing so many blogs that are successful, but so unfocused. Your thoughts provided me with encouragement to stay the course on the things I’m doing well and some ideas to improve other things. I look forward to listening to your podcasts and learning even more from you.

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