60-Second Cruise Tips Podcast : Who is river cruising best for?

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River cruising has a reputation of being for older passengers, but it’s less about age and more around what kind of travel people like doing.  River cruising suits people who want everything organized for them on a vacation.  Those who don’t want to have to worry about finding the right hotel, organizing tours, the right place to eat and managing different currencies and exchange rates.  It is ideal for travellers who want the hassle and vacation planning taken away. Every detail from departure to arrival is sorted out for them.

River cruising is a very supportive way to travel as you are met at the airport, taken to the ship, unpack and everything is taken care of. The fares are usually all-inclusive and include meals, drinks, tours and often gratuities. This is why it has traditionally attracted travellers who have previously enjoyed escorted touring where everything has been carefully screened and planned.

It is an uncomplicated way to explore a region and is becoming popular with travellers wanting to see a region and get a feel for the culture, history, art and food in a region in an uncomplicated way.

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