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TFTNov2012600x600I need your assistance to help me improve Tips for Travellers, by simply doing a short online survey tight now. There are just 12 questions and should not take very long.

I really appreciate you doing this as will help me to focus the blog more on areas that readers like, or want more of. It will also help me as I look to partner with travel providers by giving more information and insights about the blog.

To complete the survey click this link now:

It should not take you long at all to complete, and will make a huge difference to me and the blog.

The link again:


Gary Bembridge

Gary Bembridge Grew up in Zimbabwe, based in London since 1987. Been travelling for over 20 years every month of every year as a global marketing professional. In 2005 launched Tips for Travellers Blog & Podcast to share his learning on how to get the most out of every destination he visited. The podcast been in the Top 15 Travel Podcasts on iTunes ever since launch. Also runs the Travel Bloggers Podcast ( )

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