New York: Magnolia Bakery better than sex, and the city?

This is an article about Magnolia Bakery in New York, made even more famous as a popular spot in the Sex and The City TV Show.

Cupcakes are in fashion. A few stores seem to be taking NYC by storm. It is really quite remarkable how the humble cupcake is so sought after. A nice tasty sponge with lashings of butter cream icing and colored sprinkles are making people travel across the city to seek them out.

On a recent visit we went and visited one of the best known called Magnolia Cup Cakes in the Village at 401 Bleeker Street. I had high expectations, having been to the Hummingbird stores in London which have been moved across the big pond to much acclaim as well.

I am not sure what I had been expecting, but had expected something impressive and dramatic. But what I found was a fairly humble looking store that seemed almost chaotic and cluttered. But one thing that was very clear, was that it was incredibly sought after and popular. As we stood outside looking at the store we could see streams of people heading to the store from the direction of the subway. And they were heading for the store. Standing outside excitedly taking photos pointing at the sign.

I had not known that it had been in the TV show “Sex and the City” – and so that explains why so many tourists were flocking there.

Inside you grab a box that holds anything from 2 and upwards cupcakes an choose from the relatively small choice, and then join the queue to pay. As you shuffle round there is an air of excitement and it seems like many people, like me, taking photos of the experience. The store seems to be a hive of activity behind the counters with people dressing full size and cup cakes.

The cakes were very tasty. Soft and moist sponge but (for me) over sweet icing. They were very tasty but not sure why people get so excited. It seems the experience is the thing. And it was worth the trip.

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