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MSC Cruises Preziosa Yacht Club "Members Only" Entrance

On-Board MSC Preziosa

My name is Gary Bembridge and I welcome you to my feature page dedicated to the MSC Cruise Line – and their latest cruise ship called the MSC Preziosa that launched in March 2013.

Existing readers of my blog will know that I am a massive cruising fan, have been on about 20 cruises and have a huge passion for finding and sharing tips and advice about choosing and getting the most out of a cruise.

I was delighted to have been invited to be an Official MSC Blogger covering the christening and maiden voyage of their latest ship called the MSC Preziosa in March 2013. On this page you will find all the articles, audio podcasts, videos and more about the gorgeous looking ship,  the people on-board who create the MSC experience and what I discovered.

Video tour of the MSC Preziosa that I made while on-board.

This 3.5 minute video shows you all the main deck areas and tours the inside of the ship showing you the main restaurants, entertainment and facilities:

Read My Review of the MSC Preziosa. In the review I share some unusual facts about the ship, such as it was originally ordered by the Gadaffi Regime in Libya (and was going to have features like a massive shark aquarium on it)! After the revolution, the hull was acquired by MSC Cruises and turned into the MSC Preziosa. In the review I discuss who the ship will appeal to most, and why.

MSC Preziosa Photos by Tips for Travellers: See all the photos I took of the MSC Preziosa Naming Ceremony, through the ship and the Ports of Call on Flickr: click here

My MSC Preziosa Features (click on the item to read the full post)

My 3 cruise wishes that the MSC Preziosa will be helping me to achieve. I am a big cruise fan, but there are 3 things important cruise things that I have never done – all of which this project with MSC will help me to acheive. I have never been to a ship christening, never been on a maiden voyage and never been on MSC. All will be achieved!

MSC Preziosa: Exploring the difference between a great and average travel experience. I believe that the people are what makes any travel experience great – or average. This will be the focus on my project on the MSC Preziosa. I am going to seek out and be speaking to the people behind creating the experience – and find out why, what and how they go about it. Creating the MSC’s desired “Med” experience can only succeed if the people who live, breath and have to deliver it every day are driven to do it.

Sophia Loren is fighting with the MSC Preziosa for my attention! But, why the MSC Preziosa will win: The glamorous screen goddess Sophia Loren is the “Godmother” of the MSC Preziosa and will be naming her. In this cheeky article I explain why I will have eyes more for the ship than her.


Watch my video highlights of screen legend Sophia Loren cutting the ribbon, the champagne bottle smashing on the bow and fireworks:


MSC Preziosa Yacht Club (the “ship within a ship”) video tour and review. Watch my video tour of the exclusive “ship within a ship” offer, and see the exclusive concierge lounge, Top Sail Lounge, One Pool Deck, dedicated restaurant and more. To read a full and detailed review: click here

MSC Preziosa Yacht Club Deluxe Cabin / Stateroom Review and Tour. Watch my video review and tour of cabin 15003 – a Yacht Club deluxe Room

Read the review: MSC Preziosa Yacht Club Deluxe Cabin Review

MSC Preziosa Balcony Suite Video Tour and Review. Watch my video tour of Cabin 11127 – a balcony suite. I did this video and review based on someone following me who will be travelling soon on MSC and thought I would try and get to show them their cabin type! Read more: click here

MSC Cruises ask me 8 questions about my views of  MSC and MSC Preziosa. MSC asked me a series of questions about how they compare to other cruises and cruise lines I have been on, and my thoughts on various aspects of the ship and experience. I reveal all!

My interview with Captain Bossi of MSC Preziosa. Insights into what a Captain does, the 3 things he gets asked the most by passengers and the best ports to visit in the world.

What will a cruise ship butler do for you? 10 things you should expect based on an interview with Thierry Fnu, the Head Butler on MSC Preziosa

How does the MSC Preziosa Yacht Club compare with Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 Queens Grill (their “First Class” equivalent? In this article I was asked to write for (, I look at the topics of food, entertainment, cabins, crew and exclusivity. In theory the Cunard QM2 is in a different “category” of cruise ships. However, in the article, I talk about why the MSC Preziosa Yacht Club is a real alternative and why, especially as much more affordable price too.


MSC Preziosa in Messina, Sicily

MSC Preziosa in Messina, Sicily


Designing the MSC Preziosa. An exclusive interview with Andrea Gangale of MSC Cruises: Listen to an audio interview with the man responsible for designing the on-board experience and features on the MSC Preziosa. Hear Andrea Gangale talk about ship building, the development of the MSC Preziosa and the unique firsts and features.

Going “behind the scenes” the MSC Preziosa. You will hear my interviews with the Captain, Captain Bossi, about the process of getting a ship ready from a technical perspective, then from the Hotel Manager, Raffaele Cinque, about getting it ready for the crew and passengers and finally from The Head Butler, Thierry Fnu, on board answering one of the questions I get asked the most – what does a butler do, and what should passengers who have a butler expect!


Taormina in Sicily, Italy. Nestling under the smouldering Mount Etna Volcano, with Ancient Greek Amphitheatre and Hollywood Connections. Read my review of this amazing excursion option. It is a stunning town, and I highly recommend considering this trip if you travel with MSC to Sicily:

Island of Capri, near Naples Italy. A stunning island that is about 45 minute ferry ride from the port of Naples. The crossing can be rough – and so be warned! But beautiful once there.

Medina Old Town Market in Tunis, Tunisia. This fascinating old town with maze like streets and full of interesting craft shops and people.


MSC Preziosa in Tunis

MSC Preziosa in Tunis


24 thoughts on “Tips For Travellers MSC Preziosa Page

  1. I am travelling on 5-12th of august from naples for a 7 days cruise and I arrive on 12th in Naples at 1130. Does the Msc presioza dissembark on time or earlier or is there any delay as I have to catch a plain in rome at 1610. Can I get out from the ship around 1100?? Thank you

    • In my experience the time MSC Cruises say they will arrive is usually met as they have a lot of experience of the routes.

      Usually you can get off the ship from an hour after the formal time of the ship getting to port. Sometimes this is faster, but I would recommend that you assume you can get off the ship one hour after the time it says in the schedule to arrive – as the local authorities need to clear the ship for people to get off.

      Enjoy your trip on MSC!

  2. hello
    my name is Najib MY position as a waiter.. i’m from tunisia i wouled like to join the MSC please can you help me thx/best regards

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  5. Hello! I booked cabin 15001 before seeing your comments about it. Is it really so noisy?I have seen that it’s next to the lounge and I’m really worried.I haven’t been able to change the cabin.

    • It was only a problem when they ran the spinning classes which are right below which took place at about 8aam and 5 or 6pm each day. It was very noisy then with the music for about 45 minutes. It is (of course) possible that they have taken on board this problem and moved the spinning classes to a different area of the fitness centre. I hope they have as sure many people would have had an issue. Please let me know so I can update my report if they have.

  6. Great information! We have just booked MSC Preziosa. In preparation for our trip, I was wondering if you could let me know if there were any theme nights, such as “white party” “80’s theme” etc. Thank you!

    • Thanks! Yes, there have always been theme parties when I have been on MSC ships. They are usually confirmed when you get your final cruise information so you can pack and plan accordingly! The most common ones I have had are black & white, 70s or 60s and pirates (!)

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  8. I’ve juSt come back. We stayed at 15001 at the preziosa and it is not noisy any more. I don’t know if they have moved the spinning lessons or not but it’s really very quiet. Moreover, I would recommend the cabins on the left like ours since you can see the coast from the balcony when arriving at ports. The only problem was the srrvice. I don’t thing the butlers are well qualified and they seem quite lost. We missed the portofino trip because the butler took all the yatch club guest to the meeting point late. We also were the last in leaving the cruise the last day because the concergerie didn’t know when we could leave. So I think they aren’t as qualified as expected.

    • Thanks for posting this update about the noise and the cabin. Great to hear that it has been addressed. I am very sorry to hear about the problems you had with the butlers. I hope the rest of your cruise was great?

  9. The rest of the cruise was really great. We were very happy about the yatch club when we saw the crowded swimming pool areas and in the palmerie there was special food for babies. They had a menu of chicco made for them so we didn’t have to worry about anything. Next year we are travelling in the fantasia !!! Thanks for all your tips, they are really helpful

    • You will be required to leave the ship in the morning. The exact time will depend on what grade of cabin you are travelling and usually starts around 8am or 8.30am with everyone off the ship by about 10 / 10.30am

  10. Hi
    We are travelling on the MSC Preziosa on the 15th Feb 2016 leaving from Rome will the open top pools be open then and how early can we leave the ship do you know am trying go make a 12 noon flight?? I know its at least 70mins car journey but would have a transfer booked cant wait!!!!!!

    • The pools seem to stay open all year round, and so they should be.
      Time to get off the ship depends a lot on which grade of cabin you are travelling in, with premium getting off early. My tip is to book the transfer to the airport with MSC as they will then make sure that you get off the ship in time to get a bus or car to catch the flight. Otherwise you may find your get off time may be as late as 10am. Another tip is often you can self disembark if you can carry all your luggage unaided and this usually lets you go within an hour of the ship docking (so could be off as early as 8am)

  11. Hi, We are planning to travel by march 25th. I would like to know if it is a holiday season. just to be prepared if the cruise is going to be crowded. Is it possible for you to tell me how the weather is like to be at that time because we come from a much more warmer areas.

  12. In Spain the Easter break in some areas is from 18th to 23rd March. About the weather, this winter has been very very dry and warm. During the day up to 23 degrees. We went in preziosa last May and it didn’t seem crowded since it’s huge. I hope this will help you. Moreover, if you have the chance I would recommend the yatch club area which is exclusive and you have your own swimming pool and restaurant.

  13. HI, I have never been on a cruise before and booked MSC Preziosa for 6th November. Thanks for your reviews, videos and photos! They were a great help.

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