Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge Review. Stunning Tanzania Safari Place To Stay!

Lake Manyara National Park from Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge

I spent an incredible nine days on safari in Tanzania. I had expected it to be a remarkable experience but it exceeded it by a long way. The wildlife parks and scenery were breathtaking. The people welcoming and friendly. The lodges I stayed at were fantastic. Over the course of nine days I stayed at five different places across the country, all of them were included in the tour I went on (Titan Travel’s “Wild Plains of Tanzania”).

Lake Manyara National Park from Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge

One of the most spectacular was the Lake Mantra Serena Game Lodge. Situated high above the national park the views were sweeping and stunning. The property and grounds were impressive. The best way to explain is by showing it, and so I made a video tour and review, which you can watch below:

Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge (Tour and Review)


Watch on YouTube:

Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge

Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge

Some additional things worth noting about the Lake Manyara Serena Game Lodge are:

  • It is around 2.5 hours drive from Arusha and 20 minutes flight from Arusha.
  • In addition to catering for couples it also is family friendly, and can even host conferences for up to 120 people.
  • The infinity swimming pool that looks out to the lake is stunning. I can’t repeat that enough!
  • With accommodation in Ngorongoro Conservation Area so limited, it is an alternative as you can do a day excursion to the amazing Ngorongoro crater as it is only about 1 hour drive from the lodge.

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Disclaimer: I travelled as a guest of Titan Travel on a 9-night “Wild Plains of Tanzania” safari.

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