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About TFT

Gary Bembridge’s Tips For Travellers is for travellers who want to have unforgettable cruising vacations. I am here to make it more fun and easier to discover, plan and enjoy them.

I believe that enjoyable and memorable cruise vacations don’t happen by chance. They are made and crafted through being well-informed, and then making intelligent choices at every single stage.

There are so many choices that have to be made at every stage of a cruise vacation. If you make the wrong choices, like I have done in the past, you and your family won’t have that incredible experience you are dreaming of.

Since 2005, my Tips for Travellers have been helping travellers with tips and advice drawing on my first-hand experiences from travelling every month of every year for over 25 years, and the 84 cruises I have done to date.

If you want to get cruising right, follow my channels and subscribe where you can and start making it easier to have those incredible cruise experiences you dream of.

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Who is Gary Bembridge?

Gary Bembridge was born in Zimabwe and been based in London since 1987. He has travelled every month of every year for 25 years. He used to be a Global Marketing Vice President for major multi-nationals like Johnson & Johnson, but since 2012 has been exclusively focusing on creating cruise travel content

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Upcoming Cruises

  1. Seabourn Ovation Greek Islands (October 2021)
  2. Ponant Antarctica (Nov 2021)
  3. Holland America Nieuw Statendam Southern Caribbean (Jan 2022)
  4. Oceania Sirena 10-Night Panama Canal (February 2022)
  5. Viking 7-Night Venice to Athens Mediterranean (March 2022)
  6. Azamara Quest Western Mediterranean (April 2022)
  7. Cunard Queen Mary 2 Crossing (May 2022)
  8. Majestic Princess Alaska (June 2022)
  9. Holland America Nieuw Statendam Baltic 10-Night (July 2022)
  10. Celebrity Edge Italy, France and Spain 7-Night (August 2022)
  11. Disney Magic 7-Night Norwegian Fjords (September 2022)
  12. Queen Elizabeth 7-Night Western Mediterranean (October 2022)
  13. Silversea Origins 7-Night Galapagos (November 2022

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17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Greetings! I saw both your videos for Princeton Hyatt and Westin Princeton and I must agree, not very impressed. Next time you visit Princeton, I would love to have you as my guest and for you to assist me with this same type of video. I feel we are offering a much better room for 1/2 the cost and I would like to share this with you and your service provided. I hope to hear from you soon. Safe Travels!

    Tony Morreale
    General Manager
    Hampton Inn Princeton

    • Thanks for taking the time to watch the videos and comment.

      I will most certainly take you up on your offer when I am next your way. I used to be in the area about once a month but less so now!


  2. Hi Gary,

    I enjoy your podcast very much. However, I as a NYC resident, I believe that your recent podcast on New York could have offered more thoughtful suggestions. Some examples that I think are always worth mentioning as suggestions to tourists: visiting some of the many wonderful parks (especially Riverside Park and Fort Tryon park instead of the heavily travelled Central Park), seeing an Off-Broadway show (as a cost effective alternative to a Broadway show), also – TKTS often has much better deals on plays rather than musicals, visiting the food court in the basement of the Plaza Hotel – amazing food and reasonable prices, eating at a classic NY Jewish Deli such as 2nd Ave Deli, a visit to Chinatown for dim sum, a walk to Brooklyn and back over the Brooklyn Bridge (great views, great exercise, and it’s free!), viewing the store windows at Bergdorf Goodman’s department store (iconic institution and some of the most artfully crafted store windows you’ll ever see).

    I could name numerous other activities, all free or very inexpensive, which I believe are incredibly gratifying and give folks a taste of the “real” New York. I hope that you’ll consider including these alternatives the next time you cover our great city.

    Many thanks,

    Jeff Marder

    • Jeff. First of all, a huge thanks for listening to the podcast. Secondly, an even bigger thanks for the great suggestions. I am back in NYC at the end of August and was thinking of finding a different angle than the recent podcast which (as you say) was very much focused on the expected and usual tourist places to visit. I love your suggestions, not all of which I have done on my many trips there. If you have more then please add them and I will look at how to see and cover as many as I can in a more “insider” and “off the usual tourist track” podcast for later this year. I think it will a very popular one! Gary

  3. Hello Gary,
    Great tips you have very interesting reading. Can you please advise regarding a med Cunard cruise (I know onboard it is $) but is it best to take cash euros or would you advice a prepaid card? Thanks

    • Thanks. Glad you found them helpful. I usually take Euros in cash especially if booked excursions as little additional spend in port. I tend to take too much as only costs are tip, drinks, food and any purchases which key be at markets. Everyone says prepaid cards are better if buy at the right time and can use them to draw out cash from machines. Safe if loose it

  4. Hi Gary,

    First of all – awesome podcast and tips for travellers, definitely useful so keep on traveling and recording!
    Second, I am hugely surprised you have not been in Poland yet apparently. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful country in Europe (having been myself also in England, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany can confirm that). It has basically everything that travelers need. Long beaches at Baltic Sea coast with multiple beautiful lighthouses and the land of 1000 lakes (Mazury) which was finalist of new 7 nature wonders in 2011 on the north side of the country. On the south side two types of mountain ranges, first shared with Czech Republic ‘Karkonosze’ that are not so tall (highest peak is Sniezka 1600m) and you can easily navigate, walk tens of kilometers and view spectacular sights, and second much more impressive but also demanding mountains called ‘Tatry’ with highest peak Rysy around 2500m above see level. There are plenty of guided walks on both of them.
    There are also many really nice historical cities with Gdansk – the main port city, Warsaw – rebuild capital after 2nd world war, Krakow – main cultural city and Wroclaw.
    And then there are people, most of young people (below 35years old) speak English so you would not have troubles with any requests or questions.
    I would recommend visiting Poland especially in the summer (June-August).
    Hopefully will see one day podcast from that country, would be curious of your opinion.

    • Thanks for the message and kind words. Glad you enjoy the podcast. I have not seen much of Poland and would love to. I have been to Warsaw twice many years ago for work but did not get to see much. I must plan to come!!!

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  6. Hi Gary

    I was wondering if you could recommend a luxury way to see India for the first time. I would like to see it but don’t want to rough it. Can you help me get started? I trust your judgement.


  7. Hey Gary, how are you!

    First off love your podcasts they are informative and very helpful, so cheers to you!

    My name is Kyra and I’m with Courconnect, a Spanish language and cultural immersion company, from your podcasts its clear that we share a love of culture and travel as a way to truly connect with the places you visit.We collaborate with hundres of schools and offer affordable prices to students and assist on destinations and what courses to choose from. We would love to speak to you further about a proposal so let us know!

  8. Gary I’ve been watching your videos and they are amazing thank you but I noticed it looks like your lymph glad in your neck is swollen if you have not already I would have it looked at!!! I was trying to find another way to message you but this was all I could find.

    • Thanks for watching and the message. Yes I have had it checked out and do regularly. I did have lymph cancer a few years back but this is a fat deposit / collection thing but they monitor as part of my regular check ups. Thanks for your concern and message. G

  9. Kia ora/Hello

    If you do postings of free activities that cruise passengers could do while in Wellington, please look at my website (no ads) that describes the scores of outdoor staircases in the CBD and throughout the city. It’s also a geographic and historical guide.

    Please have a look at

    Alana Bowman

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