A Perfect Day out in Palm Springs. Elevate in the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway the Jacinto State Park

Palm Springs from Jacinto State Park

Palm Springs from Jacinto State Park

A troupe of retired Broadway and Hollywood stars in their 60s, 70s and 80s put on a musical revue every summer in the quirky city of Palm Springs. During the days of the Hollywood Studio System stars like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra would come to party in the city. Today, it is a quirky town full of characters like those that put on the wrinkly revue. The homes and shops are restored 1950s buildings creating the feeling you have gone back in a time machine. These quirks make it one of the most fascinating and enjoyable cities in the world to visit.

There are many great days out if you are staying in Palm Springs, including a tour of the homes of stars and Presidents and a huge air museum. However, the perfect day out, especially in summer to escape the heat, is to ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the Jacinto State Park.

The Aerial Tramway is the longest in the world, around 2,5 miles, and takes you from the floor of valley way up onto the mountain range where the lush Jacinto State Park is. The temperature drops by around 20 degrees Fahrenheit from that of the stifling hot Palm Springs valley. In a few minutes you are transported from a world of dry, beige desert into a dense, lush forest.

The cable car is large and holds around 80 people and has a rotating floor, so everyone gets to see the full views as you travel upwards. At the top of the mountain is a large complex with a restaurant, a cafe, a small museum, State Park shop and a gift shop.

The park has a number of routes for walking that last a few hours through to days, and many people will join you on the ride up loaded up with hiking and camping gear. However, for me the perfect day is heading up early in the morning and enjoying the quietness, taking a short walk and then sitting watching the beauty around you.

A perfect day out if you are staying in Palm Springs

Gary Bembridge in Jacinto State Park Palm Springs

Gary Bembridge in Jacinto State Park Palm Springs

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