Hotel du Louvre Paris France. A Luxury Paris Hotel With Style.


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Hotel du Louvre Paris impressive entrance

The Hotel Du Louvre is a Paris Hotel which, as the name suggests, is next to the famous Paris museum where artworks like the Mona Lisa are housed. It is a luxury hotel and one of the most Paris like and recommended hotels to stay, in my view. You get a great feel of being in Paris, and the heritage. Also every room is different and so not like staying in a chain hotel like Hilton, Sheraton etc.

I have been staying at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris on and off for many years. It is funny how your tastes evolve, and what you come to value and changes.

When I first stayed there, I found it stuffy, old fashioned and not very appealing. Now I love staying there for its traditional style, big comfy beds, outstanding service and (very un-french in many ways) welcoming nature and cheerful staff everywhere you go.

From the efficient and cheerful Twister responses and following of messages posted about the hotel by guests, through to the bright up-beat staff in the Brassarie, the hello from the concierge as you pass through the lobby, the cheerful bar men who pro-actively ask if you want the internet codes when they see you with a computer or iPad. Even office staff leaving for the day wave good evening if you are working out in the gym which they pass on their way home. You feel welcome and the attitude that the management and team have put into the hotel is impressive.

They reward loyalty, unlike other hotels and chains I have stayed at even more in Paris. The only one that come close (interestingly) is another Concorde group hotel that I also visit a lot called Concorde Lafayette. There is always a welcome back, every effort been made to get the room or room type you like, sometimes a much appreciated upgrade on less busy times of the year – and a short handwritten and signed note in the room welcoming you back. Important and lovely touches.

Every room I have stayed in seems to be different, as the videos on the posting will show. This is gives the hotel more character and unlike big chains and more modern hotels where rooms are carefully made to be the same and standard. But it also means that choice of room and asking for the sort of room you may like is more important that at more standard hotels.

My favourite (so far) is the huge Room 401 which is a large junior suite with seating area, massive bed, good placed work desk and masses of cupboard space, big bright bathroom and separate toilet. Very nice indeed.

The breakfast buffet is impressive, and the brasserie serves very typical French food and fits the hotel, location and tourist clients well. The bar is never over full but welcoming and also serves food.

The fitness room is okay, with a fairly good range but no cross trainer (but bikes and running machine) and some weights/ weight machines.

There is free wireless through the hotel. A good touch.

I really like staying here. It is a great location right next to the metro and the Louvre itself.

We had a meeting one day in the meeting rooms. Again staff went out of their way to check everything was as we wanted it, and to help out.

Highly recommended. The management and their teams make this a great hotel to stay at. Here hopes it stays this way, as I will be back and back!!

Junior Suite Room 401: probably the favourite room I have stayed at so far here

Suite Room 449: an impressive and special suite to stay in. Very plush.

Room 215. Deluxe room: Good sized and very comfortable

Room 201. Deluxe Room: an really interesting and luxury room

Room 377. Regular / Standard Room. The 1st type of room stayed in, where I was less impressed with

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Hotel du Louvre Paris
View from Hotel du Louvre Room 201
Hotel du Louvre: view from room 201

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