Eurostar Business Premier Lounge St Pancras International Railway Station London

As you will know, I really love the Eurostar and think it is the only way to travel from London to Paris as a previous post explains.

The Eurostar Business Premier Lounge at St Pancras London opened a few months after the station opened for Eurostar services. The station at St Pancras, as I have written about and shown in a previous post, is massive and very impressive.

The business lounge can be used by people travelling in the highest class (Business Premier), people holding the Eurostar Carte Blanche card (frequent travellers) and Silver and American Express Platinum and Centurian card holders.. It is very long, quite narrow and on 2 levels. Though not sure every realises there is an upstairs and so the lower level gets very full in the early mornings.

The lounge runs down the right hand side of the general lounge/ pre-boarding area where, as I mentioned, the smaller than ideal Cafe Nero is and the WH Smith newsagents.

It looks good (as the photos I took hopefully show) and is quite striking.

Downstairs: There are sets of very comfy chairs with side tables with both UK and Euro plugs for laptops, then further down the lounge there are higher stainless steel style tables near the bar and drinks area. There are 2 toilets downstairs only.

The range of drinks is good, with only limited snacks and food. Perhaps as people in Business Premier and the Leisure Select (who only get into the lounge with the Carte Blanche card) get a meal on the train.

Upstairs: This can be reached by a lift by reception, or up some sweeping stairs at the entrance – or smaller stairs at the rear of the ground floor. It is not really obvious that there is an upstairs lounge and I think that they need to flag that better. But saying that, once you head up you find a large, well designed and very comfortable lounge. It is less manic that downstairs, has more space to spread out and more tables – and larger area serving drinks.

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