This is a review of the Dr Who Exhibition Bromyard. This is a Fascinating Doctor Who Museum in the English countryside created by fans of the show.

Dr Who Museum Bromyard

Dr Who Exhibition and Museum in Bromyard

See all the photos I took of the Dr Who Museum: click here

So we had headed off for a weekend away with some friends “in the countryside” in Herefordshire (about 2,5 hours drive from London), having booked a large National Trust managed house on a large estate. On arriving, we popped along to the nearest town called Bromyard. And as we drove into the small centre, saw a sign for the “Dr Who Exhibition”.  It seemed slightly odd – and a bit surreal – stumbling across such a grand titled venue in what felt like a small and sleepy country town. You would not have imagined that there enough people to sustain a full-on Dr Who museum in this neck of the woods!

As a huge fan, I was drawn to explore more. 

The museum was part of a coffee shop called “The Time Machine”. We entered it and a loud bell announce our arrival. It was empty and felt a bit homemade with large posters and other Dr Who bits and prices for sale. On one side of the wall was a very good looking replica of the Tardis doors.

A chap arrived and told us it was £6 to enter the museum. Slightly too embarrassed to say no, we paid and entered the doors. And I have to say, it was £6 each well spent. The museum, though fairly small in size and closeted in the basement, was fantastic. Full of costumes, props and other memorabilia from the new series and some from the old too. There were also some Star Wars and from the Gerry Anderson puppet series like Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds. You can seen these and more in the photos I took: click here

I loved that there were a lot of Cybermen (old and new), Daleks from different ages and an old and new K9. It was really a very interesting and fab collection. partly as such a surprise to stumbled across it, but also just a good collection. There was quite a lot from the new series during the time of David Tennant, including quite a bit of costumes from his final show.

So if you are ever nearby, and a fan of the Dr Who series I really recommend that you drop in.

Below is a video someone made and posted on YouTube, and also see my photos page: click here

The website with more information and details: http://www.timemachineuk.com/

Dr Who Museum Bromyard

Daleks at Dr Who Exhibition Bromyard

Dr Who Museum Bromyard

Cybermen at Dr Who Exhibition Bromyard

Dr Who Museum Bromyard

K9 at Dr Who Exhibition Bromyard

Dr Who Museum Bromyard
Davros at Dr Who Exhibition Bromyard
Dr Who Museum Bromyard

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