Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport. Does Exactly What You Want An Airport Hotel To Do!

Radisson Blu London Stansted Airport Hotel Room via www.tipsfortravellers.com
Radisson Blu London Stansted Airport Hotel
If the sign of a good airport hotel is one where you have no idea where in the world you are, then the Radisson Blu at London Stansted airport is a good airport hotel. It is efficient. It is smart. It is functional. It is clean. It has comfortable beds. It is very well sound proofed. It is very handy for the terminal. It is memorable for not being memorable. But does exactly what you want an airport hotel to do.

Having stayed at many airport hotels over the years, the Radisson Blu is one of the better ones that I have used. I found that it was very well organised, and it was clear that they understand that almost every single one of their guests wants a reliable, comfortable and not too costly night sleep before they catch their flight. A flight that is most likely an early morning one. Like us, we were using it to avoid an early start and drive to get our flight to Greece.

The Radisson Blu was reasonably priced, offering a range of rooms from standard through to suites. We booked a business class room. This seems to have better views, like over the runway and not the atrium or back of the hotel. It included things like a Nespresso machine and capsules. There is no business class lounge, though you can go to the massive breakfast buffet as it is included in the price. It opens at 7am, and they have a coffee station and some snacks available before that at reception.

I noted that the prices of all the rooms varied a great deal over time. This, I assume, is driven by demand and a dynamic revenue optimisation program. I mention it as I had booked some time before our trip and checked prices a few times in the run up to our stay, and eventually cancelled and booked the same grade a week before at about 10% less than the first price. They also offer a system where you can request, at a low price, upgrades to the next room. You only pay if they have one when you check in.

The room, as my photos and video posted shows, was a decent size, and is bright and comfortable. There is a good sized desk, great bed, good bathroom with nice toiletries. They have free wi-fi for up to 3 devices which was fast and easy to connect to. We had a room overlooking the runway which helped get one in the mood for flying off on holiday the next day. The room and hotel are very well sound proofed. We heard nothing of the planes coming and going.

There is a large bar on the ground floor which is dominated by a massive 3 storey high wine bottle storage tower. There are 2 restaurants. One is a New York Steak House and an Italian. We ate at the latter which, like the rest of the hotel, was efficient. The food was good.

There is a popular fitness centre, and noted that they have a lot of members not staying at the hotel. They have packages that can include a number of days parking in their car park. We used the airport valet parking, but the prices were quite similar. But as all is so close to the terminal either is just as easy to use with suitcases.

It is a few minutes walk to the terminal, and very easy to find and get to and from.


Watch the video I made of the room we stayed in at Radisson Blu Stansted:

Radisson Blu London Stansted Airport - Bar with Wine Bottle Tower
Radisson Blu London Stansted Airport – Bar with Wine Bottle Tower

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