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I am one of the co-founders of Travelator Media. A collective of award-winning and established content creators create and run paid-for social and multi-media campaigns targeted at the 40+ Quality UK Traveller. We have large established audiences in that target, are all 40+ ourselves and have a wide range of content skills including photography, video, audio and writing.

Travelator-Media-e1420137597170We provide a one-stop solution for creating high quality multimedia content and engaging social media campaigns that promote your destination or brand. Added value that goes beyond a regular press/blog trip.

Why use a paid-for Travelator Media campaign rather than a traditional blogger trip?

When assessing if using a Travelator Media paid-for campaign versus a more traditional blogger press trip style approach is suited to your brand we believe these are some areas to consider.

We provide a unified campaign

We create and execute a unified campaign concept for the trip that the members of the group deliver. It will reinforce the marketing and communication objectives. With a traditional blogger trip content generated relies on the interests or passions of each blogger on the trip, and so it may not create a unified message that reinforces brand objectives or message.

Selecting the most appropriate bloggers

We ensure the most appropriate and experienced bloggers from our core and associate teams are used to deliver the campaign. We select the right mix of expertise across social media channels and producers of written, photographic, video and audio content. Whereas with a traditional blogger trip the brand has to identify, screen and recruit bloggers themselves – and take on possible risks associated with selection.

Campaign management

We simplify and streamline the organization of the trip by providing a Campaign Project Manager who acts as the one point of contact to work on the campaign and trip organisation. With a traditional blogger trip the brand has to handle all liaison and organisation details with each blogger individually, which can be time consuming.

Content guarantee

We guarantee the delivery of minimum levels of social media and multi-media content. We ensure campaign commitments are delivered with high quality and within agreed time scales. Whereas with a traditional blogger trip there is no guarantee of, or it is harder to ensure, the volume, mix and quality of the content produced and the timescale for publication.

Campaign amplification

We achieve greater reach and impact by leveraging the combined core Travelator Media team and selected affiliates members to promote and share the content to a wide audience. With a traditional blogger trip content will reach each individual blogger’s network of followers with no guarantee it will be amplified and spread to a wider audience.

Results tracking

We produce a report of all social and multi-media content generated along with data showing the reach and engagement of the campaign within 4 weeks of the trip and a final version once the campaign has completed. We use consistent and comparable analysis and reporting for all content generated. With a traditional blogger trip the brand will need to collect, collate and compile the individual results and reach of each individual blogger. Each member of the trip may have varying standards of data collection and willingness to share results and data.

Content repurposing and extended use

Articles and content produced can usually be repurposed in e-books, used on the brand’s blog, brochures or on micro sites and we have the expertise within the group to facilitate this, thus magnifying the reach of the content produced within each campaign. Typically, with a traditional blogger trip, the campaign ends once content has been published from the trip on the blogger’s site.

Ongoing collaboration

We can provide the framework for ongoing promotion of the brand by running followup campaigns using different members of our network.Whereas traditionally a separate blogger trip will have to be created and new bloggers found for future campaigns.


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