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TBU Rotterdam 2013

I did a talk and workshop at TBU Rotterdam focused on “Creating Content for Travellers” which was based on a partnership with TBU and myself. It created a lot of good debate at the event.

Gary Bembridge at TBU Rotterdam - picture by @caroldtravels

Gary Bembridge at TBU Rotterdam – picture by @caroldtravels

Talk: “Creating Content For Travellers”. In this key note talk I was sharing learning, insights and recommendations on creating travel content based on separate studies I did in partnership with TBU. One study was with travelers and the other with bloggers looking at habits and needs for travel content. It raised some important issues and challenges for bloggers to think about.

The presentation can be viewed on the Slideshare widget below:

White Paper: Creating Content for Travellers: Comparing Travellers Usage and Needs to what Travel Bloggers believe they want. The full study results and commentary is below:

If you would like a PDF version of the document you can download it here: Creating Content White Paper – 2013


Workshop: “Creating Content for Travellers”. A workshop to help create bloggers and content creators to create content that travellers value, seek out and will build a more loyal audience. In the workshop I provide a tool to help define what your content strategy is, and how to make your content unique and differentiated in the cluttered travel content space. You can review the workshop slides using the SlideShare widget below:

10 thoughts on “TBU (Travel Bloggers Unite)

  1. Thanks again for all the inspiration! I’m going to try out these worksheets and see what happens. I look forward to seeing you again in dublin!

  2. I really enjoyed your presentations at TBU Rotterdam. Thank you so much for the information and expertise. I’m really interested to know more about the survey results.

    • Pleased to hear it! I enjoyed doing them as seemed to create some discussions and made people think, which was the goal. Hopefully you found something that helped. You going to be at TBEX in either Toronto or Dublin?

  3. Thanks Gary for two very inspiring talks at TBU. You asked questions that are not as easy as you think to answer so it’s great to have the worksheets to prod us to constantly think about where we take our blogs. Hope to see you in Perth!

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