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I am active in the travel and travel blogging space and talk at various events and conferences. If you would like to me to talk at and event, do training or help with blogger outreach please email me

This page covers the talks, seminars and trainings I have done on travel and blogging. It has links to the talks and post talk materials.

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I will be talking at the massive NMX (New Media Expo) in Las Vegas in January 2014. More details to follow on the topic.

Read more: NMX (New Media Expo) – Gary Bembridge


TBU Rotterdam 2013

Talk: “Creating Content For Travellers”. Sharing learning, insights and recommendations on creating travel content based on separate studies I did in partnership with TBU with travelers and bloggers looking at habits and needs for travel content.

White Paper: Creating Content White Paper – 2013

Workshop: “Creating Content for Travellers”. A workshop to help create bloggers and content creators to create content that travellers value, seek out and will build a more loyal audience. In the workshop I provide a tool to help define what your content strategy is, and how to make your content unique and differentiated in the cluttered travel content space.

Read more about my TBU Talks, including the presentations and materials

tbex logo 2013
Join me at TBEX


TBEX Toronto 2013

Write Your Blog Positioning Statement. Mainstream brands use brand positioning statements to help them develop better and more distinctive brands. I believe that bloggers should also. My session will covers in more depth the importance of having a positioning statement for your blog. How it will help you to be a better and more successful travel blogger by knowing what your unique offer is, what makes you different, who your competitive set is & who you really are writing for. It should help you have a better blog, better content and pitch better to travel partners.

Read more about my TBEX Talks, including the presentations and materials




Cruise Industry and Bloggers. I took part in a roundtable with Discover cruises, which is an industry panel of cruise lines looking at how to promote cruising. At the panel I was asked to discuss the role of bloggers versus journalists, why the cruise industry should consider working with bloggers and the pros and cons.

  • Journalists versus bloggers. The key differences, why travellers read blogs, and why brands should consider partnering with bloggers. Read my 2 page handout: Cruise Roundtable London May 2013
  • 5 reasons the cruise industry should work with bloggers, and I also covered 5 reasons to work with Read my 2 page handout: Cruise and Bloggers

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