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The Tips for Travellers podcast is an online on-demand audio show covering advice and tips on finding and having a luxurious travel experience on both land and at sea. There have been over one million downloads of the show!

There are four main episode types:

  1. Destinations Tips For Travellers (providing some history, essential facts, tips and must-see and do sights and attractions).
  2. Cruise Tips For Travellers (these  focus on ten key questions on helping people to decide if the line is right for you and if it is how to get the most from your trip).
  3. Tips For Travellers Live (recorded whilst on trips to capture the feel of the trip along with sounds, impressions, activities and tips).
  4. Listener Q&A (where I answer travel questions sent in by podcast listeners and readers of the blog)

You can listen on your computer or on-the-go by downloading episodes on your smartphone or tablet. It is free and you can subscribe or get past episodes on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, Google Play or by using the RSS Feed in other podcast apps.

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Find a Tips for Travellers audio podcast listed by destination, cruising or general travel below. If you prefer to see a list by date posted : go here. To listen to an episode below online click on the link.



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General Cruising Tips and Advice

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  2. Gary, I must admit that you made me laugh when I listened to your podcast on Honolulu. Yes, you did murder the names of the Hawaiian native Kings & Queens. I have been there many times, but never heard them pronounced the way you did. Even though I have been to all the islands, I learned something from your podcast about the bus system and the public transport. Thank you for sharing that. I think you should have included something about the Polynesian Center and some of the other sites on Oahu, but you did a really good job describing what to see in Honolulu. I hope you can get back there and see some of the other Islands. Each one has a different kind of charm and each one is special. Keep up the good work.

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  5. We will be travelling to Anaheim, California for a business/pleasure trip. When is the best time to book flights? Now or after the first of the year? And when are the best days to fly? Do you have any podcasts that talk about the Anaheim areas? I didn’t see any on your listings.

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