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I was a speaker at New Media Expo Las Vegas on the topic of: “Transforming the way to create content with a blog positioning statement”.

Mainstream brands use brand positioning statements to help them develop better and more distinctive brands and content. All blogs should have one too.

The session will explain the importance of having a positioning statement and how it could transform the way you create content by defining and knowing what your unique offer is, what makes you different & who you really are writing for. It should help you build a better blog by constantly creating the content that your audience really wants.

You’ll Walk Away from This Session Knowing:

1.What a blog positioning statement is, and why all major brands use them
2.How you can use it to write more distinctive and compelling content
3.How to develop your blog positioning statement, including tips on how to ensure you get the best outcome and examples of good blog positioning statements to refer to when developing your blog statement.

For a copy of the presentation, worksheet to develop your own blog positioning statement and a copy of my book “How to Find and Work with Bloggers”: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d1eb7wohinwyf96/kUj919KVlk


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