Tips for Travellers on MSC Divina

MSC Divina in Port Miami

MSC Divina in Port Miami

This is my Tips for Travellers page on MSC Divina, which is based year-round in Miami sailing the Caribbean. I was lucky enough to be there to greet the ship on its arrival and to travel on the inaugural cruise. This page has all my articles, videos and audio content with my tips for travellers thinking of cruising on the ship.

My MSC Divina ship video tour:

MSC Divina Official Blogger

I was one of the official bloggers covering the arrival and the inaugural voyage of the MSC Divina from Miami Florida. For the first time in MSC Cruises history, they have a ship based year round in the port. This magnificent ship (which MSC call “a diva like no other”) is inspired by MSC Cruise Line’s Godmother of all their ships : Sophia Loren. This screen goddess even designed and has a suite named after her on the ship.

The MSC Divina will be offering a new way to experience the Caribbean – a chance to experience the beauty of the region while experiencing Mediterranean style and glamor. The ship arrives in the port of Miami on 19 November and I will be covering the arrival, the voyage and sharing tips and advice on cruising with the MSC Divina around the Caribbean from this famous cruise port.

Before the cruise:

MSC Divina loomed large against one of the reporters on the bank

MSC Divina loomed large against one of the reporters on the bank


Arrival of the ship in Port Miami

The Fiat 500s escorting the MSC Divina played in front of the press while the ship turned

The Fiat 500s escorting the MSC Divina played in front of the press while the ship turned

Watching the people recording the arrival of the MSC Divina in Port Miami. My photo essay of images of the ship arriving in Miami and the people there to watch and record it. I show some of the excitement and reactions of the people who were there to see the event.

#FiatAtSea Fiat 500s racing around the MSC DIvina in Miami

Fiat 500 cars escorted the MSC Divina into Port Miami. They zipped and zoomed around the bay as the ship sailed in. See my photos of this remarkable aquatic escort! It was quite a surprise and the images shows the cars speeding across the Port Miami passageway.

On Board

My tips for travellers on getting the most out off cruising on MSC Divina. I share my advice on how to plan, budget and maximise your time on the ship.

 Cakes on board MSC Divina Piazza del Doge

Revealing the sinful Italian cakes and pastries on board the MSC Divina in the Piazza del Doge. A reason to cruise with the ship by themselves. Do you agree? See more cakes and information about the Piazza in my article…

MSC Divina Balcony Stateroom 9113

MSC Divina Balcony Stateroom 9113

Would I recommend a balcony stateroom on the MSC Divina. Watch my video tour and review to find out what I thought and what tips I have about choosing the right verandah cabin on the ship:

Segafredo Coffee with MSC Logo on MSC Divina

Revealing the five tastes of Italy that MSC Divina offers to cruise passengers. American cruise passengers can now try five classic and iconic tastes of Italy while cruising the Caribbean. To coincide with moving the ship to be based year round in Miami sailing the Caribbean, MSC Cruises have added a series of partnerships with famous Italian Brands onto the ship.

Bar tender who made the Nutella filled crepes swirling the crepes on his finger tips

Bar tender who made the Nutella filled crepes swirling the crepes on his finger tips

The Memorable Faces of the MSC Divina. In this article I share four images of people that were at or took part in some events that were really memorable for me. They include the opening of the Eataly restaurant, the ceremony for the maiden call at Port Canaveral, the crepe swirling bar tender and the MSC Divina Divas..

 Audio Podcasts

MSC Divina Audio Podcast Part One: In this episode I interview the President and CEO of MSC Cruises USA (Rick Sasso), Senior VP of Sales and Marketing (Ken Muskat) and the Cruise Director of MSC Divina (Andre Sclemmer) about the move of the ship to Miami, what changes they made to the product, service and entertainment to meet the needs of the North American cruise passenger. Download the podcast on iTunes, listen online or listen to it using the audio player below:

In a second audio podcast I give my top 10 tips and advice on how to make the most out of cruising on MSC Divina including how to get the best fares, budgeting, must do things to do and more:



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Declaration: I travelled as a guest of MSC Cruises USA on the MSC Divina. All opinions expressed in my reviews, articles and videos my own.



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  2. im going on april 23 to the 30th and i am confused about the beveraag package,is it cheaper to but befor you go or just but as you go onthe ship,,and also the being able to stay on facebook,cant understad the cost?

    • The best is to buy the beverage package as you board the ship, or on the first day. There will often be the bar team hosting a stand after check in or on the ship at places like the buffet restaurant. In terms of using the internet and things like Facebook you will have to buy and internet package for either – and these can be costly (up to 75c a minute)

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